Friday, June 10, 2011

Pink Fairy Shoes

A few years ago I started to design fairy shoes for a possible class. Never did finish but this week I received a wonderful gift in the mail from my dear friend Leonie - an article torn from the April/May 2011 Stitch magazine. The article is a pattern and directions for fairy shoes by Annette Emms. They are just lovely but before I read the article, I was determined to finish my own design-which I did! Here are the results.  They measure about 4 .5" from toe tip to heel along the sole.  A bit larger than Annette's.

I started out with red felt but after I had them sewed around and cut out, thought they would look too Chrismassy so painted them with Lumierre Halo Pink, Metallic Fuschia , Yellow and Gold.  I took strips of sheer fabrics, distressed them with a heat tool and attached them to the sides and front top with beads and sequins.  Finishing touch was gold dimensional paint along the top edge.

 I made them like slippers with a right and left foot, separate sole, shoe sides and front foot top.  You can see how the felt was treated to change it from red to Pink.  I wasn't too careful when sewing the outline so the shapes aren't exactly matching, but not bad for the first attempt.  If you would like to see Annette Emm's beautiful shoes, her blog is here.   Now I am going to sit down and read her directions.  I am sure I will learn something new.


Leonie said...

So glad you were inspired Stephanie!
Your shoes are exquisite - fit for a fairy queen!

Hanni said...

Wow, wow, wow, these shoes are amazing. Beautiful, lovely color, fit for a queen, I mean fairy, LOL.

creativedawn said...

Well, they are really gorgeous!


Mary Louisa said...

So tiny!! and beautifully made!!

Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

I love Fancy Little shoes very Beautiful.