Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun at the machine today

Today was a day for stitching.  First I had to design the stitching pattern.  I wanted the water portion to look like waves but done in flourishes so I drew out a pattern when I was having my cereal this morning. 

Next I had to map out the actual purse on the fabric

then transfer the stitching design.  I got out my trusty transfer pen new in the package and it was dried out!!!  So I drew it freehand on the batting.

 Then stitched.   It always amazed me the difference after it is stitched.  I used a green metallic thread in the bobbin and I like how it shimmers on the bluegreen.

Here is a pic of the back where you can see the stitching.

Hope my client likes it too.  I did a little stitching on the flap portion, but don't like the line of dark pink.  It will be coming out.  Think I may stick to gold, pastel metallic lavendar and pinks.  Now I have to stitch out more fish but tomorrow is the Quinlan doll show and I am going!  After the fish are stitched, I'll be adding some colorful fibers to define the "waves" a bit. 

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