Friday, May 25, 2012

Progress on Purse

First step after the freemotion stitching is to felt on fibers to accentuate the stiching.  I must have done this and pulled it out three times before I got it to this point.  Next I arranged the embroidered fish and also added a mermaid though not sure if she will be on the final bag.  Also auditioned a sun face for the front to replace the fish.  It'll be my client's call.  I like the idea of the sun but maybe not this particular one-and it will be beaded.  So here are the layout auditions.  Next, will be to stitch the fish in place, do some more bobbin work then add beads, sequins and jewels.  I definetly like the mermaid on the back- a little whisical surprise.  The bottom will be shaped but the flap will be curved as shown - with more fibers, beads, sequins and jewels.
Fish clasp, just fish on front

Fish clasp, different fish on front

Back with Mermaid
Mernaid on front with Sun Clasp

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