Monday, September 2, 2013

New one 12 x 12" sheet Mini Book

Started this because I love making these.  I am going to make it doll oriented.  It is for a challenge on a yahoo group I belong to, mixed media studio which is a spin off from Cloth Doll Artistry which has moved to Facebook.  I changed it up a bit so all my tags slide into to opening pockets.  Can you guess my theme???  Not TOO obvious!  So far.....
Pages with tags.
Covers plain still.  I wound gold and black twine around eye pages and spine.
Tags so far.  Embossed, colored and inked.  Once I get the pages filled, it will be VERY chunky.  Guess I should put some kind of closure on it.  If I was thinking ahead, I would have put ribbon between the first page and cover.  Oh well, another opportunity for creative engineering!  BTW., the book measures 3"x3".

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Karen Mallory said...

Fabulous Stephanie!! I think I will make another one as yours puts mine to shame! LOL
hugs Karen