Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Style of Her Own finished for now

She is done for now - may give her a purse and maybe a little doll to hold.  Not sure if I am going to send her in.  Not totally happy with her shoes.  I wanted to put saddle shoes on her and I didn't have heavy enough white leather plus if I layered black over it for the sadle part, it would have been too heavy.  So, I looked around and used some pre-sized and primed white canvas.  Gave it another coat of Gesso then painted on the black.  I should have turned the top edge under but didn't and they gap a little in the back.The base is covered with another coordinate.  She went together because I must admit, I used some reject parts on her.  The armature was from the Matador that was too small as were the legs so she has really skinny feet - had to put some stuffing in the shoes to fill the toes out!  Not sure what I am going to do with her yet.  Maybe a pattern down the road.  Would like to do a leaner version without the armature too.

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