Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Today's distraction

I was cleaning my work table a few days Go and found the ribbed turtleneck I cut off a sweater.  I thought if it unraveled easily it would make a great wig.  I tried a little, it did so I added color-it was white-and went on to Mr. Cat.  Here I am today, again clearing a spot and found a stuffed body for another Style doll.  I made a few just in case I wanted to do a pattern which would require lots of pics that I didn't take while making the original.decided I wanted to do a jointed version with the clay ever head and the unraveled turtleneck for hair.  So here she is.  Without hands but they will have to wait-no spare pair around. 
Romona, tomorrow and Thursday will be dedicated to Mr Cat.  Promise!

1 comment:

Mariposa said...

she's beautiful . You made my day when I read "cleared a spot", seems like that's all we ever do is clear enough room to make another artistic mess. I see you as soooo organized so thanks for making me feel "normal" LOL