Saturday, August 2, 2014

Another face

I haven't finished the previous head though she only needs eyebrows and maybe lashes though not sure about that.  The head is pinned on the body right now but I felt like doing one with clay over.  I took a rejected Bella head, sewed the nose to flatten it a bit and gessoed it.  Then I began to add clay.  I have to say, this took me less time to do than sculpting the cloth head!  I know I know - I was told that!  It was also easier to correct errors.  Here is a mosaic of the head so far.  It is drying so I can add the cloth over.  Will probably bake it because it is very humid here, rain just stopped.  The first pic is the gessoed head, then clay added for forehead and nose.  I kept the shape and size of the head,  I didn't want to make it larger.  Third pic is adding cheek bones.  Then top lip and filtrum, bottom lip, some refining, eyelids and more defining.  Decided the nose was too long, so moved the eyelids down, opened the bottom of the eyes a bit, and moved the lips up.  Once it is dry, cloth over than color. Hopefully, once color is added, I can even out her lips if sanding doesn't do it, though I did do some correction after the last pic was taken. I'll add some pics of the cloth over process hopefully later today.  Not all the gesso is covered with clay.  A cloth head, once it is stuffed, takes me about 5 hours to sketch, sculpt and color.  So far, this took me 1 1/2 hrs.  It will probably take as long as the cloth face.  And I had already put those hours into it!  Now you know why I don't just chuck them!

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