Wednesday, August 6, 2014


  Front with head pinned in place.  Hands areAlso pinned.  Need to think of interesting bracelets for her.  Also going to give her lace mitts. 
 Back of her dress.  Those fabric  roses are from excess cut from her skirt because I made it too long originally.  Love this view.  She does look very 50s.  Don't know if I'll get to work on her today-babysitting with the grands then going to get Diva from her "sleep-over".  My dear friend Jeannie is going to take her while we are away so we are making sure Both will be OK for an extended stay.  Don't think it will be a problem-they love each other.  Just hope she will want to come home when we get back!  Diva is being very spoiled by Jeannie!  And of course we don't do that!


Nita Butler said...

Love her so far. i am all about the polka dots!!!!Cannot wait to see her with hair.

Pamela Davis said...