Sunday, August 3, 2014

Head Finale

I had some questions about the clay portion.  First, I use PaperClay and usually let it airdry but because it was too damp yesterday, I baked it in a clay oven at 260d for about 15 minutes.  This was long enough to dry the clay.  Slow drying is best so the clay doesn't crack or draw away from the head. Final steps in the cloth over clay over cloth head is drawing the features and adding color.  I use a Bic Mechanical pencil to draw in the features.  I usually finish the mouth first then the eyes.Next is adding shading to the side of the nose, eyelid crease and chin.  I highlighted the checks with grey then added magenta and pink.  I added purple shadows around the eyes.  Next were the eyebrows.  This is the opportunity to give her expression.  by raising, lowering them, angling them, etc.  Final step is to give her eyelashes.  I was given a box of 10 pair purchased on Ebay by a lovely friend and fellow dollmaker, Tammi in Michigan.  One eyelash is enough for both eyes.  I like them long, so I don't trim them, but it is your preference.  I also draw in fine lashes on the bottom eyelid with a Micron or Zig marker.  I wanted her to be an older grown version of the Bride as a child.  Here are the two faces together. .


Sonia Rodriguez said...

So you sculpt the doll in clay then cover in fabric?

Gay And Alive said...

She is gorgeous!!!

Jane said...

I like her a lot! Thanks for sharing!