Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Quilt Progress

I have finished the tree in the center and added bead leaves. I had hoped it would show up better than it does, but it does glitter.

I have dyed all the edging trims and we decided to make solid borders with leaf shapes cut out with my Big Kick machine of tie fabric and solid colors to applique on. The people attending the memorial will write a word on the solid color leaves that depicts Dino to them. I just can't seem to decide on the border background colors. Here are my 5 options created with the help of Adobe Photoshop. Would love your opinion.

Options are: Black

Dark Green

Light Green




Kim in Fargo, ND said...

Wonderful memorial idea! To my eye, the light green, dark green and blue borders wash out the corner fans and, consequently, leave the color wheel unbalanced. The gold seems too strong and washes out the colors in the crazy patch. The black makes a very strong frame and really pops the colors but make the whole composition very heavy. That being said, they all look beautiful in different ways. I'd rank them Black #1, Blue #2, Gold #3, Dark Green #4, Light green #5.

karen said...

I like the black one I think. It's hard to tell for sure but it does seem to Pop! using the black border.

Tami said...

What a beautiful crazy quilt! I know that the black is the traditional choice (and is beautiful) but it makes the entire piece a bit on the dark side. I like the light green and gold better. It's gorgeous with any of the options. :-)

Judith said...

Hi Stephanie, I saw the black and thought yes thats it, then I saw the nextone and thought the same then the blue and have to admit I really liked that one. Not a colour I would have normally picked but it did something for me.
I have got to say what a stunning quilt. Your stitching and composition is incredible, a true master Stephanie

Judith said...

Stephanie, sorry got it wrong, its the light green I liked best although it looks light blue to me. Next the blue. I don't like the gold which is unusual for me as that is the colour I always gravitate to first. Whichever, it will be stunning. Such a beautiful tribute.

Susie said...

Oh my gosh what a choice, I like the greeny one I think. I stumbled on your blog by chance, such lovely work.