Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks and Play Date

First, big thanks to all who have made such lovely comments on the quilt and for all the input. It was very much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed the journey.

Monday I got together with Colleen and Tery to have a "play date". We decided to make Journals from scratch including the covers, binding, and pages (signatures) We started out following the directions from Teesha Moore's site . We used the materials and attached the pages as noted, but we sortof went out of sequence because I can't follow directions! We also used 8" x 6" canvas board instead of the larger size. All in all, it was a very productive day and we were close to finished when we had to pack it in so we could get home before the traffic started. I finished mine today. I used a punch for the leaves and flowers on the covers. The tree sits on a piece of embossed clay. Each book has 3 signatures of 6 pages each so there are a total of 72 pages! I also miscalculated the page size. For some reason I thought I had 5" x 7" board so cut the pages accordingly so they are about 1/2" in from the edge all on three sides. Actually, it allows for things hanging off the pages--not a bad thing. I also used some clay leaves I made because I wanted to try them on the binding. I treated them with paints, pearl-ex and dimensional paint. I really like the colors. I also added a piece of board to the spine to make it stiff. Now I need to make stuff to fill the pages! I also tried some transfers using gel medium and color lazer copies on the inside covers. Interesting effect that I need to practice but it has possibilities. This book is all paper except for the binding fabric. I am going to try to keep it a paper techniques book. Thanks Collen and Tery for a great day. And this time special thanks to Tery for all my goodies. You are tooooo sweet! Next time we get together, we are going to do charms. Each person will make a charm and teach the rest of us to do the same. Really looking forward to it!

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Colleen said...

looks great steph...i love the clay embellishmnts hanging from the spine.....i'm trying to save this file and add it to my blog under our "art journal day".....