Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CQ Doll Class

The second weekend in July I taught a CQ Wall Doll Class. We had lots of fun and the ladies made the most beautiful creations. Here are some pics of the process and a few of the finished dolls. I was hoping the dolls would be finished, but I didn't realize EGA classes only run 5 hours per day and I had planned on a 7 hour day so I lost 4 hours of class time. They weren't dissapointed--most were up to the stuffing stage so they got close. At our regular meeting the following week, 4 had brought in completed dolls though I only got a pic of three.

Here is a pic of Kathy's Mermaid. Love these colors. She embellished it with shells, sequinse, beads and embroidery.

Here is Pat contemplating her body mask placement.
And Janet doing the same.

Ellen, Janice and BJ and their pieced fabric plotting out thier body placement. If the bodies look familiar, they sort of "shared Janice's. Ellen and Janice used the same focus fabric but their Dolls turned out sooooo Different!

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Kathy said...

The dolls are fabulous! Love the cq fabric and embellishments.