Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I did in the Hospital

While I was sitting watching my Mother sleep and heal, I worked on a new pattern and doll. I started this pattern a few years ago when I made the original Dances With Butterflies but when my computer crashed, I lost all my pics. I then did a smaller version for the Sept, 2007 issue of Doll Crafter and Costuming. So, coming soon, a 24" version of Dances With Butterflies. The pattern includes a tutorial on painting lace and also the complete pattern for the 18" version. So here she is in all her glory, pretty in pink. There also was a discussion about armatures to hold up a larger doll on one toe. She has a very stable stance made possible by 2 pieces of 16g florist wire and a 12" piece of a wooden skewer taped together. No sway here!


Kathy said...

She is adorable! Love your work. The branch doll is unique and lovely as well.

Needle Pulling Thread Designs said...

Stephanie you new doll is fantastic. So very beautiful and delicate! I'll be watching for a pattern to come out!

Also think the CQ class dool all turned out lovely! I love CQ but have onlky played with it a little.