Saturday, March 10, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive and still not done!

I learned something from making this doll - Make the doll first then the head!  I did two heads before I actually made the doll and one was too big (first one in the pic), one too small (last in the pic) and the fabric was pilling and generally misbehaving.  Then I modified the shape a bit but it still came out too large and this time with Pimatex (second in the pic).    Number 4 still not right - didn't like the eyes or the open mouth (4th in the pic) and again with the bad fabric - I never learn!.  Number 5 is now on the doll (it's show in the center of the pic above).  The Size is just a but too large (and so are her lips!), but I did more sculpting and if I am going to do that, I need to modify the head shape a bit around the chin.  This one is from new stock Southern Belle and it stuffed, colored and sculpted perfectly.   Soooooo.  She is going to live with this head until I play with the pattern a little more.  I thought I would share her 5 heads.  (I have been known to make more than 10 before I got one I liked! Have also only done one.  Go figure.)  Now I need to finish her jewelry. 


dibbledabble1dolls said...

Nice heads...I do like #3 and #4 except for the eye color these will be great for different dolls. The one you did choose looks wonderful on your doll in my opinion...hugs, Debby

Rhissanna said...

Well, I like all the heads. To be honest, I usually make a doll head first. The head decides who the doll is and I make the rest to match. I'm really impressed by your hard work, making so many until you got what felt right. You show real dedication.