Monday, March 12, 2012

iPod Case

I decided I needed music in my studio.  I only have an old cassette deck with radio that used to be my son's before he outgrew it - I think we got it for him when he was 10 and he is in his 30's now!  At his suggestion I bought an iPod shuffle - figured 500 songs would do me for ever!  I have had it less 3 days and already have it almost half full!  I love that is so tiny - only 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" and the sound is awesome!  I felt though it needed a case so I could wear it like jewelry.  I can't wear it or any jewelry around my neck because of my repetitive motion injury and the results of my surgery so a pin would work.  I made the case from some fabric paper - for more info on the technique. The artist used construction paper and I had been experimenting and used chinese newsprint.  The paper was colored with Crayons and Shiva Paint sticks first with stencils, then Ranger Adirondack Ink sprays.  The paper is backed with Fusible lightweight interfacing and the front with Fusible web which gives it a shiny finish.  This is a prototype but the size is perfect.  I can tuck the earphones in it too.  The case actually measures 2" x 2" x 3/8".  It is on a Chatski pin and the charm is shrink plastic stamped with Tim Holtz hand stamp.  Next one will be fabric and beaded I think.  the iPod is in a small pocket with a clear plastic window. 
Off to make another Bella head though when I see the pic of them all together, they don't look so bad!  May reconsider one.

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