Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I did with no Power

Original Samples
I am getting ready to teach a Crazy Patch doll.  Unfortunately, I hadn't planned on teaching it so gave away/sold the samples I had so I needed to make a few more.  So, while we had no powe'r and luckily I have 4 large skylights in my studio so access to natural light free frm the Sun, I pieced 4 and embroidered/embellished 3 fabric bases.  Still have to finish the Pinks/golds/ecru (Gee - Wonder who that could possibly be for???).  I try to keep the stitching to a minimum so there aren't lots of stitches to teach and use only one metallic thread (I like the Ricky Timms but YLI Candlelight or Kreinik #4 braid works great too). Once we had power, also redid the faces and printed out enough for 17 dolls.  Will sew them before the next storm so I can stuff them.  Right now I am catching up on my laundry.  Spent the day yesterday with the Grand Boys - hadn't seen them all week and I think 3 mo old Max put on 10 lbs!!!  My parents and both sons have power as of last night.  FINALLY!!!  Just in time to lose it again for the Nor'Easter!