Sunday, November 4, 2012

FINALLY!!! Back on line but for how long????

After being without power except generator and no cable/internet/tv/news/radio, we are back on line. Still living on generator but Cable just came back!!!  Drove around but couldn't find any hot spots - many businesses are still without power.  Per the Electric company, 70% of my town SHOULD be restored by tonight, everyone by Wednesday!  My parents who are in the same town are not restored yet and have no heat or refrigeration but I have been going over just about every day to deliver needed goods.  They will not leave.  Driving has been an adventure - many lights are still not working and there seems to be a glut of rude people on the roads.  Getting gas has also been an experience.  Ed and his son went out Tuesday morning and filled gas cans to the tune of $200+ so we can run the generators (at $20/gas per day!)   My thoughts are with those who are still without power.  Love when you call the various phone/cable/utility companies and they all refer you to their website!  There was no wifi for miles unless you had a personal hotspot - my next toy I think!

Thanks to all who called to check on us - cell phones were working.  Also thanks to all those who left emails.  I am trying to get through all 500+ now.  I have GREAT friends and family.

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Monica said...

Hang in there this to shall pass. I no how it is without power in our case we needed AC as it was hot and humid after the storm passed. in our thoughts.