Sunday, September 29, 2013

Camera VS iPad

I was down in Manahawkin Thursday morning and had the opportunity to photograph the sunrise.  I used my iPad initially but then ran and got my camera.  My camera is about 10 yrs old, 6.5 mP, but still takes great pics IMHO.  Here is the same shot, Can you tell which is which?  Disclaimer:  I did use a time lapse with the camera, aperture preferred.  I used the deck railing as a tripod. Not sure which one was taken first as I was going back and forth but looking at the sun on the horizon, I think the top was taken first

Camera on top, iPad bottom.


Rosa said...

Hello Stephanie. That´s an issue i´ve been dealing with too. I have a digital camera Sony DSC-W55, 7,2 MP which i consider very wimpy especially when i see gorgeous photos on flickr, for example.Although your first pic is much better then the other. I haven´t ipad but have been heard that ipad photos are stunning,it has a powerful camera better than some cameras, don´t you think so? Sorry my english. Cheers. Rosa

ruthanne said...

Very interesting! Love the pictures and seeing the difference.