Saturday, October 26, 2013

Three days later, a face!

   This is why I hate clay! Takes so much longer, I hate to sand, and it can't use my beloved colored pencils and pens!  And this clay is soo soft!  I kept digging my nails ino it and having to fix, sand,paint, sand again!  Finished face though I may change the eye color - they are more grey than blue - and some in progress shots.  Now on to the costume!  Shoes first I think.


Mary Ann said...

Very pretty:) I've never even attempted a doll face in clay so all I can say is bravo to you!!

n1sunrider said...

This looks like alot of fun! I've been a longtime fan. You always amaze me with your dolls.
One day I will indulge. It fascinates me. Great job!