Sunday, June 22, 2014

Decisions Decisions!

This is what is on my work table.  I decided Style of her own needed to be a pattern and I also needed more pics of the process.  This pattern will probably only include a cloth head version but will include both the armatured and jointed.  I am making another jointed version this time in Red White and Blue, colors I have used only once before on a Rag doll baby gift for a child born July 4th.  So here is her progress.  First, since I didn't want to add to my stash, I created fabric for her arms and legs.  I used a glitter cotton that matched the muslin for the body and holding two sharpies together, added red and blue dots.  Worked Great!
Then I needed an interesting fabric for her bloomers so took a piece of muslin (I used Southern Belle Cream) I used for her body and made stripes with the sharpies.  I probably should have done it freehand and made the lines wobbly, but I used a ruler.  Next time!  As you can see, I made the lines really close as first but decided they needed to be opened up a bit.
So here she is with her body all together and also sitting.  Her Knees and Elbows are bead jointed and her shoulders and hips are button joints so she is poseable.  Next pic is of her with her bodice and bloomers on, her head is just pinned in place.  Can't decide if I want her skirt in order Red White Blue or Blue White Red.  Also need to decide if her hair will be red or Blue.  Such Decisions!  Also need to make her shoes which I think will be T-Strap with Gold Star Buttons.  Her head is one of the original 3 I did.

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