Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Very First Book

I made this book in college, in 1969-70 I think.  Of course I didn't date it!  Probably got gigged for that!  Don't remember what the grade was, think it was for Letter and Illustration.  It is made on black poster board with white India Ink.  I remember I had to write over each word about 5 times!  Had little money for supplies, so used magazines from the trash probably.  Don't know what the exact assignement was, but I chose to do the song "Desolation Row" by Bob Dylan.  Misplayed it for years and just found it again.  I dedicated it to Annie and Jimmy.  Don't know who they are.  The book is held together with electrical tape!  probably got it free from the Custodians.  Most of it is falling apart.  Glue didn't hold but I still like it.

Book measures 7" x 11".  I also photohopped it a little.  The black pages are a bit faded, but still not bad for 45 yrs old!

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Romona said...

Your artistry was showing through very strongly even then. A wonderful step back in time for you.;o)