Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Shopping Yesterday

Before Vickie Adams Brown and I went to see the Charles James Exhibit at the Met Mus of Art, we did a little shopping at CJS Sales, a whole sale warehouse for all sorts of beads, crystals, jewelry finding and chain.  The place is just JAM PACKED!!!  You could get lost in there for a week and not see all of it.  I found so many interesting things on the FLOOR!!!  My purchases:

Over View.  Cloissionne butterflies, sun charms, Star with moon charms, pointed stars, leaves with the most awesome patina, pearls (for eyes I'm thinking), pearl drops with wires, and beaded necklace that I plan to deconstruct for the awesome beads.  There are metal shapes in the upper left that have a cool patina on them too.  I tried them in my Sizzix, but they are too thick to emboss.  Will add words with my mallet and letters.

These are metal pansies.  Three different sizes, some are enameled, some are just gold.  All have rings that can be used for chains, dangles, whatever but they can also be cut off.  Love these.  Can't wait to play with Ranger Patinas on them.  Very detailed.

All of these strange charms came in one bag.  I really love the horse, had, little violin, the starburst, so many buttons!  I saw only the violin and the hat in the bag.  The rest are a very pleasant surprise!
I got a bag of these lucite buttons.  They don't have Rhinestones in them, it is an illusion but they chould be added.  Swarski Crystals would work too.  I added alcohol ink .  The pink on the left has the ink applied to the BACK!!!!  How cool is that!  The dark pink has a heavy coat on the front.  The turquoise has a light watered down coat on the front.  Oh the possibilities.  I see these as flower centers among other things.  The people there, especially Kim, were just wonderful - giving everyone a guided tour of what was where.  They also offered water and a cloth shopping bag to drag the loot home!  Looking forward to going back.

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