Monday, June 30, 2014

Just Another Little Witch

I made another witch from my Year of the Witch Pattern. I had the head in my box-o-heads for a while.  Forgot why I made it originally.  This was for a challenge in the CDA-Cloth Dolls group on Facebook.  We had to make a Weather Witch using a pattern that we modified.  So I used my own pattern which is actually a little rag doll type and made her with armatured arms, legs and body so she can stand alone.  I thought I would go with Rainbow Witch.  For her arms and legs, I took some white on white print fabric and added color with Ranger Distress Stains to the wrong side.  Here is a pic of the fabric still wet, and the sewn arms and legs. I used distress Markers to color the flowers on the lace trim and Stickles Glitter Glue to add color to the flower trim around her neck.  I also made an insane splurge!  The yarn for her hair is 100% Kid wool with these tiny sequins in rainbow colors throughout.  Color was right, price not so much!  I must have been temporarily insane - it was $23 for a tiny ball!!!  But it looks perfect!