Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another OOOPs Face

One more face before I decide which one to use in the In Her Own Style pattern.  Since I had my mind on a Clay over face, I wasn't careful and blew out the filtrum.  Sooooo did some needle sculpting and the clay over thing.  I am going to use this face for the Self Portrait Challenge over on Doll Street.  Here is the finished face and following is the needle sculpted OOOPs head.  Think I am going to use the original face in the pattern.  Really love her pointed chin.  Thought it was too large, but the more I look at it, the more I like it.  The last pic is the one I am using for the self portrait though I wanted a pic of me around 7 and in this pic I was 3 so I elongated her nose a bit and thinned the lips. I also used fabric medium on the face before coloring.  Not happy with that either.  No pilling, but the colors really just don't look the way I want.  I tried just spraying with Krylon Matte clear, but the fabric still pilled.  Oh well, I still haven't tried gel medium. I am dressing her in a purple dress with a print underskirt and trim.  It is exactly as I remember it - being one of my favorites.  My Mother made it for me as she did just about ALL of my clothes until I was maybe 9-10 when I started sewing my own.  Can't wait to tackle that hair do!  If I try to reproduce how I wore my hair when I was 6, it would be frizz because my mother always gave me a perm to combat my straight straight hair and tons of cowlicks!


Mary Ann said...

Love the face you made:) The eyes are amazing.

You were so cute when you were little. I see you had bangs and straight hair just like me. My mum so wanted a curly haired little girl and used to perm my hair too. It never lasted long as my hair had a mind of it's

Gay And Alive said...

I think the colored head is very pretty and sweet.

Txatxa Txa said...

preciosa ,estoy deseando verla terminada