Saturday, July 26, 2014


Thursday I visited my friend Colleen of the Artsy Soul at her new digs.  Of course I brought my newest ladies to visit.  I also brought some bezels with prisma paint backgrounds.  We experimented with a new die and started working on some charms using metal sheeting and chipboard.  I have pictured my layered Heart Pin.  The dangling hearts and cupid are from CJS in NY and the filagree is from The Artsy Soul.  Lots of product on this!  From Ranger Patina paints, embossing powder, Ultra thick embossing powder, a new product from Susan Lenart Kazmer Ice Resin Enamel, Gilders Paste too.  Think I will add a pin back to this.  I also used Stamping paste by Deco Art on the bottom heart.  That stuff has diamond dust (at least it looks that way to me!) in it.  Love it.

I also did some experimenting with bezels and Peobo Moon and Prisma paints.  I have had them for awhile and finally decided to experiment.  Here are the 6 bezels I made.  I think I was given these with an order.  They were all in one bubble pack with no price tag.  They are very shallow, just right for the painted background and a layer of resin or tripple thick, which I used. on the one I show finished.  I used a piece of wire to drop the paint into the  Bezels..  I did finish two but only took a pic of one.  The second is drying.  I painted the outer lacy part of the bezel with Deco Art Precious metal paint and then highlighted with  24K Gold Paint Pen.  The lovely Cab in the center is also from CJS.  They have such beautiful crystal and glass pieces.  Vickie and I split a bag of them.  This base is shown in the above pic top right.  I used a pin to help move the Prisma and Moon colors.  My favorite is the one right below it which I haven't done anything with yet.

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