Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Pendants and finished doll

First I received an order of new releases from Sizzix that included this wonderful SeaHorse Die.  I did the same with this as I did with the Dress Form and made a mold.  I also covered some chipboard with metal tape and created another one with that method.  All the charms on these except the large dangle (which is made from base bezel and glass insert from on the Golden Seahorse are from CJS and colored with variouse mediums including Gilders paste.  The charms are hanging from an earing ring!  These two are also colored with Interference colors so they shimmer.  The clay on the left shrunk a bit so the chipboard backing shows a little but I colored it with markers and added some dimentional paint so he looks outlines in black.

I also finished my Selfie doll.   She is dressed in a replica of one of my favorite dresses my mother made for me when I was about 7.  It was purple with collar, cuffs, bias trim on the skirt, and an under skirt of a large purple gingham check.  It also had a large bow in back.  I took some liberties with the design as I had limited check fabric and locally couldn't source any purple gingham!  I remember I used to hold the tails of the bow and swing back and forth so the skirt swished.  My Mother made me such beautiful dresses.  She is 93 and starting to lose her memory and I have been involving her to remember the dresses and sketching as we talk.  She is made from the Style design.  I needed to test the face again and of course blew out an area being in a hurry so I did a clay over and took lots of pics so will probably include that if it does become a pattern.  I also made her able to stand without a base.


Anonymous said...

Love the seahorses......they turned out so cool!!!!!

Gay And Alive said...

Beautiful selfie doll. You should market her.

Beverlee Burrows said...

Beautiful seahorses. How do you use steel tape (?) and chipboard