Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Finished and playing in PhotoShop

Her hair is styled.  Kept it simple as this yarn was very limp, just added small bows and flowers at the sides.  As I looked at her face, I realized how unsymmetrical her features are, especially her mouth.  I love to play in Photoshop so decided to see how she would look if her features were perfectly symmetrical.   I do this with my drawn faces when I print them out for multiple heads for special orders or classes where I make the heads and faces.  Interesting how different she looks and how different the emotion she exudes is!
 Right Side cloned.  Sad eyes but slight smile and her nose bridge is wide!

Left side Cloned, wide mouth, still sad eyes but better nose.  And here is one with the face flipped.  WOW!  I do look at the faces in the mirrow, but must be my stigmatism!

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