Sunday, September 20, 2015

Book Continued

The book is now 2/3rds done!  8 out of 12 pages are completed, just 4 to go!  Here are the latest pages paired as they will be when you go through the book.
The page with my father was revealed last post.  Now I have finished the page of my Mother from her grade school graduation, age 14.  The pin is hers.  Rather old one too.
On the left my father in his uniform, on his way overseas probably for a last visit.  The flag was in my mother's jewelry box.  I want to decorate this with his medals but I can't seem to find them.  the picture on the right is my mother in a bathing suit wearing her ankle bracelet.  The bracelet is draped at the bottom of the pic.  It is engraved with my Father's initials.  The pin watch was hers, it is engraved on the back. Ruth and the year.  Since my Dad was overseas not sure if it was a givt from my Dad and purchased for her or from my Grand Parents.
Last inside pages.  My Mother and the three of us, to the left, just the three of us taken in North Bergen one Easter.  One of my clay house charms.  The bird with the medal is from my Mother's jewelry box.  

Done for the day.  Rest of the pages are pinned in place.  hard part of chosing the laces and trims is done, just have to sew them together but I need a brake!

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Gloria Nickolis said...

Your tribute book is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Dollie Huggs, gloria