Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Book in Progress

My dear friend Victoria Adams Brown and I went up to Brimfield Mass to attend the Antique/Flea Market for two days last week.  We had a blast shopping for all sorts of things.  I got loads of vintage and antique lace and embroideries - some from the turn of the century!  I brought up some dyed laces and fabrics  and a kit for us to make a fabric book.  I told Vic to bring up some pics.  I wanted to make mine about my parents and use some of my Mother's jewelry.  Needless to day, we didn't do anything on the books while we were there, but once home, we are both working on them.  Here is my front cover, the pics are my parents' HS graduation pics.  The pin is my mothers.  The pearls are also hers from a broken bracelet I think.  The background fabric with the little tucks was from the turn of the century.  The border lace is vintage and from the trip.  The pink lace was a flea market find and given to me by my Aunt Marie who gave me lots of laces she gathered in her travels.  The piece on the bottom is from a length of reembroidered french lace that was gifted to me.

The back cover is a pic of the creator of the book - me!  I am three in this pic and at that age I used to like to take my clothes off and wear my mother's high heels.  I also liked to play with keys.  I censored the pic - don't want to be accused of child porn!  The lovely lace doily was also from this trip.  The piece of the left side I dyed. Don't know how old it is but I have had it for at least 15 years. The corner embellishments are cardstock printed with book pages that I cut on the sizzis machine with a cuttlebug die.  the wings are from a filagree buttterfly.  The pearls again are my Mother's.
The last finished page I have is of my father.  I covered the muslin base with a sheet of music then lace from the 50's that I rusted.  Some of the buttons are from my Mother's button box, the rest are from my pearl button collection.  The lace edging with the buttons between is from that bag of old lace.  The trim around the pic, which is of my Dad when he was about 3 and the ring bearer in his Aunt's wedding, is also vintage.  I dyed the border lace and ribbon.  Would like to add a tie tac of his.
I am doing a page similar in style with my Mother's grade school graduation pic.
The book has 12 pages total.  I have all the pics planned out now just have to get working on them.

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bubbygigi said...

I love what you've done so far. You are lucky to have pictures of your parents when they were young.