Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Last Pages of my Tribute book

Finally finished the last 4 pages of my cloth book.
The left page is my mother around age 17-18 (1937-8) with her parents.  I believe this was taken in front of their house. The pin is 14k gold with pearls.  No idea how old.  The right side is my parents in 1941 before my Dad went into the service. Probably why they look so glum. The pins were my mothers.

Left is my father taken after he received his Sargeant Stripes in maybe 1942-43.  Have several copies of this pic, none of them have a date.  Also have a newspaper article but no date on that either.  The buttons were in her button box and have an eagle seal on them but they are not original uniform buttons. The other pic is their wedding pic, 10-21-1945.  They would have been married 70 years this October.  The rings aren't her original-those where stolen when their house was burglarized though I think the original wedding ring was left with her.  The pin was from her jewely box and I believe it is very old because I saw it in a few pics from the 40s.

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