Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Just had to try this....

I have been purchasing vintage embroidered linens to use when making my Ragalia rag doll pattern.  I finally made one!  I used one of the test heads for my Style pattern - the one with the purple eyes.  I had fabric picked out before for Chrissy's doll until I found out her favorite color was green!  And that fabric and embroidered linen would not work with the purple eyes so back to the stash where I found this sweet little piece with the embroidered basket and the crocheted edge.  I used some fabrics I had dyed with poke berries for her legs and bloomers.  The dress fabric and the laces on it were all in my stash as was the scrap just big enough for her arms.  The hair was a white slubby stuff I have had for years except the slubs were pink and blue so had to dye it with pink.  Hoped the blue would turn lavendar but not really.  I even used DynaFlow which changes everything!  But in the end, I liked the way it turned out.  I crocheted enough for the hair into a strip, dyed it and then dried and ironed it so it would look curly.  Made the wig pieces a little on the short side, but her hair do works.  realized as I took pics, I still have to give her finger nails and I think I'll give her a basket to carry too.  The buttons on her dress were in a tin given to be by a dear friend, Mrs. Youngman who also happens to be my SIL's Mother.

crocheted strip
The yarn I used and the final product after crocheting, dying, drying and unraveling.

What a difference Hair makes!  Her back view.

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Gloria Nickolis said...

Love the hair! Very pretty and great technique