Friday, February 15, 2008

Update on Journals

Tery, Heidi, and Colleen have now completely finished their journals. All the little finishing touches have been added and they are all sooooo beautiful! It is amazing how different they are considering we were all working from the same pile of materials and using the same tools.
Here is Heidi's Album. She added more embellishments around the face and to the front cover. And the neat tie attachments. Her colors are really very indicative of Spring. I really love the flowers around the face.
Here's Tery's in Autumnal tones. She brought the leave shapes completed with her and wasn't sure she was going to use them. They worked out just great dangling on the side front. She made the cording on the front cover with the Cord Diva. There is so much texture and depth going on you just want to touch it and look at all the piece parts in detail.
This one is Colleens. She has a door/gate on the covers. I love the dragonfly and of course those dotted leaves. I can't wait to hear how she did them. Really interesting clasp too. And the tassel!!!! Nice addition. The background is pink/gold with flashes of metallic coming through. Very dimensional.


Judi Wellnitz said...

Those are all spectacular!

The Artist said...

Your work is so wonderful, I wish I could get my studio back into shape to teach again, your blog has inspired me today.
Bright Blessings

Barbara said...

Fabulous work! I wanted to let you know that I named you in the "You Make my Day" award on my blog today.
You are truly an inspiration!


Moonwillow said...

Stephanie you have a great blog, please visit my blog to see what people are saying!