Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend Workshop

This past weekend I had a small workshop in my studio with some of my dolling friends who are a little crazy about mixed media like me. I was walking them through making a journal cover and we shared ideas for embellishing. Just being in a together creating for two days was an absolutely phenominal experience. I wish it was longer and I recommend it to everyone! Oh my what I learned--I learned I need a die cutting machine (the Big Kick) for one! It was amazing how we were all working with materials from the same "pile" and everyone's projects came out sooo different. We actually almost finished the journal covers on Sunday. Just a few finishing touches Monday morning and then we all did pieces of Collage fabric for a purse. Unforetunately, Heidi had to leave before then and we didn't get a chance to sew them together, but it was great fun--especially since two people used the same base fabric and got entirely different results. Sorry I don't have any pics of this but will try to get some of the finished product.

Tery and Evelyn working hard.

Heidi deep in concentration

Tery's journal in progress--Leaf me to Create. In overlay, there are real leaves!

Colleen's journal in progress. Lace, soft colors, very vintage and very pretty just like Colleen.


Evelyn's Journal almost done. She will be able to prove what a busy bee she has been! She is amazingly creative and talented.

Here we are at the end of day 1. It was well past midnight and time for bed!
Here is my Journal Finished. The ladies reminded me how I always seem to use the same color pallette so I decided to try and get "out of my box" Thanks for the nudge ladies!

Ideas Float Thru the Mind on Butterfly Wings.
Here we are with our Journals at the end of the workshop.(Colleen, Evelyn, Tery, and me) It was so much fun! We definetly have to do it again!
The parting shot is Heidi who had to leave before the group shot with her work of art. She is going to add a few more details such as beads. Weren't we productive???
I also received a few more Mermaids and will post them in the next few days.


Evelyn said...

I enjoyed your post. The smiles on our faces says it all. I was truly excited to visit and learn from you in such a inspiring work space. So much "candy" everywhere. Thanks again for the invite.

Allison Ann Aller said...

How TOTALLY fun!
Everyone's work looks so good...