Friday, September 14, 2007


Big Appologies. Not only can I not spell, but I can't type either! Correct link for the class is

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New On-line Class

I know it has been a long time since I posted but I have been busy working on my first online class, Neptunes's Daughters. The class will begin September 19th and you can sign up at have really enjoyed writing this--though it was time consuming--because I could put in all the pictures I wanted (almost 200!!!) with lots of step-by-step directions and not have to worry about printing and weight etc. Also all the pictures are in COLOR!!!! I thought I would share the metamorphasis for these ladies of the sea. I used to teach a collage fabric purse class at a local quilt shop. Almost all my students had problems with free-motion stitching so I did some experimenting and found great results could be achieved if they did straight sewing at all angles and mixed it with decorative stitches and couching of threads. Big success! So the next step was to see if I could use it on a doll so I created a simplified version in 3 different collor ways with the idea of mermaid tails. When I was approached to do an on-line class the three ladies said "me! me! me!" and I couldn't refuse. First came the sketch and muslin body and head prototype. I wanted to make the class interesting and also give the student/doll artist lots of opportunity for making the doll their own so each uses the same body, arms and head but has different tail shapes, coifs, and embellishments. Left to right they are AquaMarie, Pearl and Algea. I had fun making them, I hope my students do too! Oh and did I mention I have also include directions to make the shell throne Pearl is sitting in?

Also BIG thanks for the nice comments on my previous post. I am so glad so many of you are enjoying the chairs.