Sunday, September 29, 2013

Camera VS iPad

I was down in Manahawkin Thursday morning and had the opportunity to photograph the sunrise.  I used my iPad initially but then ran and got my camera.  My camera is about 10 yrs old, 6.5 mP, but still takes great pics IMHO.  Here is the same shot, Can you tell which is which?  Disclaimer:  I did use a time lapse with the camera, aperture preferred.  I used the deck railing as a tripod. Not sure which one was taken first as I was going back and forth but looking at the sun on the horizon, I think the top was taken first

Camera on top, iPad bottom.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Halloween Paperdolls!

I purchased the Sizzix Die, Garden Fairy, Movable by Susan Tierney.  I thought it has lots of possiblilites and I wasn't wrong!  It measures about 10" tall completed.  The paperdolls received such a warm welcome, they are going to be a class at the Artsy Soul in October.  Here are the samples, made from chipboard, paper cut from the die, fabric, crepe paper, embellishments  and printed faces from stamps and
my own renderings.  Aren't they cute?  Lots of fun!

I am also in a Butterfly Doll Swap and thought this would be the perfect starting point.  I made her out of fabric with a stiff felt base.  Her face is  one of mine, I scanned then reduced and printed on fabric.  Her skirt is fused fabric also die cut with sheer silk crepe chiffon between the layers. Her crown is cut from a soda can.  Her scepter is molded from paperclay as are its wings.  Colored with markers and various mediums then coated with Judikins Glaze embossing powder.  When molding the charlotte, I put a doll needle inside to create the hole so I could put wire in it, but when she air dried, I couldn't get the darn thing out!  So, a bead is covering the eye! She was mailed off today.  Hope whoever gets her likes her!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Halloween Book Finished!

I completely finished this mini book done originally for the mini book challenge in the yahoo mixed media group I belong to but there was so much interest, I will be doing it as a class at the Artsy Soul (59 N. Main Street, Manahawkin, NJ 609 549-6350), September 12 (next week!) and September 22.  I'll attach the flyer for more into.

Here are the pics.  I used lots of die cuts from Sizzix, a few stamps, frames cut from decorated printed paper though we will be making our own in class but we will be adding "glass" with a vintage mirror look achieved with a new product by Deco Art.  VERY COOL!!!!  The pics I used are of my witches and ghouls dolls but I am encouraging the students to bring family pics.  Starts with the covers pic.  Lots stuffed into this 3" x 3" book!  But fun!  Need a tiny spider punch I think to add some finishing scarieness.


Monday, September 2, 2013

New one 12 x 12" sheet Mini Book

Started this because I love making these.  I am going to make it doll oriented.  It is for a challenge on a yahoo group I belong to, mixed media studio which is a spin off from Cloth Doll Artistry which has moved to Facebook.  I changed it up a bit so all my tags slide into to opening pockets.  Can you guess my theme???  Not TOO obvious!  So far.....
Pages with tags.
Covers plain still.  I wound gold and black twine around eye pages and spine.
Tags so far.  Embossed, colored and inked.  Once I get the pages filled, it will be VERY chunky.  Guess I should put some kind of closure on it.  If I was thinking ahead, I would have put ribbon between the first page and cover.  Oh well, another opportunity for creative engineering!  BTW., the book measures 3"x3".