Friday, February 28, 2020

Latest Doll - The Game Is Afoot!

I have a client who was very interested in Waiting for the Train but I am not ready to sell her yet and I don't duplicate dolls, so I came up with another Steampunk design influenced by Sherlock Holmse.  To my surprise, she loves all things Sherlock!

Preliminary Sketch and fabric pull.

Pics of her completed.
The red trim is crocheted from rayon thread salvaged from a Leather dress and Jacket I purchased at a Thrift Shop.  Her Magnifying glass is layers of paper cut out on my Cricut that I laminated together then added a lens cut from a piece of packing plastic.  Her Parasol does not open, but her books do! The hat, cape, and belt are removable.  I made the hatbox below to ship the hat so it didn't get crushed.  Her necklace is a cameo from an earring.  Her face is cloth over clay over cloth.  The arm bands are satin ribbon with tiny brass buckles.  Her Belt is silk as is her purse.  Keys other charms hang from her belt.  The tag on her carpet bag-made from upholstery samples-has her address.  Surprisingly she lives in the same building as Sherlock but a different apartment.  All the stripes on her overskirt match.  The pleated ruffle is the same fabric.  Her Corset is a paisley brocade with tiny brass button trim.

The hat box with the hat and her personalized tag inside.  It is made from cardstock with a chipboard top and bottom.  Satin ribbon trims the top and is used for the handle.  The top and bottom inside is lined with satin.

I wanted to give her a skeptical look as she peered through her Magnifying Glass with her one eyebrow raised.  He is wearing a Deerstalker cap made from the same homespun as her cape.  It is completely lined and the flaps can also tie under the chin.  Her hair is a piece of Lambskin that I curled then pulled the hair back and contained it in a bun.  The bun is enclosed in a crocheted snood from the red rayon thread. Above is a closeup of her carpet Bag.  The large book, a Forensics Handbook can be removed and attached to her belt if desired.  The small composition note book is also removable though its pages are empty.  The parasol is the same silk as her belt and edged in red lace.  Her shoes are the same fabric as her ruffled underskirt with buff faux suede spats.  They have beads on the side in lieu of buttons and are trimmed in the same crocheted rayon thread.

Inside of the Forensics Handbook.  Her petticoat is constructed from a vintage doily with tulle ruffles underneath. It barely peeks out from her skirt and keeps it flared

My client was very please and I am now onto the next doll.  I am designing a new body style a bit more zaftig!  She is inspired by the sun so she will be all yellows and oranges.

Thanks for looking!