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All Patterns on CD are also available as epatterns and can be purchased through DollMakers Journey and Designer Doll Patterns via EBay.


CD plus printed materials list
Soprana is a fully armatured but posable Mermaid.
The pattern includes a 17” and 22” version. Lots of
techniques are covered including layering fabrics
for the tail, how to use prebeaded fabric, creating
your own bodice fabric with paints, Oil pastels and
stencils, Hot glue with gold leafing and many more.
56 pages of directions including 100+ color photos
8 pages of pattern pieces

Neptunes Daughters
ePattern only
This huge pattern with over 95 pages and 200
colour photos is full to the brim of really wonderful
embellishing techniques This a very comprehensive
pattern in which you will have the option of mixing
and matching pattern pieces to come up your own
unique creation. Clear instructions accompanied by
many photographs will guide you through each
lesson. Learn how to get the most exquisite detail in
her doll faces.

Weeping Will
epat only
Since Weeping Will depicts a tree, it is only fitting
that he also be Eco-friendly. His body is made from a piece of tree limb – the moldier and older the better! The top of
his body is pieced from scraps of like colored fabrics. His embellishments are also from scraps. His head is a reject head that is resurrected with the use of a bit of clay and stretch knit fabric. His wire armature can be made from a wire hanger. His base started as a placque with a hanging peg from the
clearance aisle. He may be sad at what is happening to his environment, be he is hopeful knowing he has risen from
what may have ended in the trash heap! I hope you
have fun with him – the possibilities are as endless as varieties of trees. Just make sure you pick a limb that is not part of a living tree.

Madame LeChat
CD includes printed Materials List
Details: 24” Female Feline dressed in Victorian
Splendor. Directions include full color illustrations
for coloring the body and face. Also includes a
smaller 19” version

Mr. Cat in a Hat and Tux
 CD plus printed Materials List
This dashing feline Victorian gentleman companion
for Madame Le Chat is out walking his dog. Pattern
includes 24 pages of directions with over 100
photos, expanded face coloring page and complete
patterns for both 19" & 24" sizes.

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