Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Getting Ready

I will be hosting a class with Marilyn Halcomb in my studio which meant I had to get my guest room done and clean my studio. Well--Hoooray! finished both with time to spare. Here are pics of the guest room. It's color is Smokey Grape. This was son #2s room and was originally black and white. My MIL will be moving in and this is going to be her room then.
All the wicker and lingerie chest is from my single days. I love the chest. It is all hand painted.
Entertainment center is all that remains of my son's decor. Now it has dolls and other artwork in it. I really like how this turned out. Hope my guests do too!
Now to the studio. This is the back wall. To the left is my sewing machine, to the right is a sofa bed which right now has my son's fouton on it. And of course, Diamond is testing out the arrangement. The large bin has beads, the smaller ones enbroidery threads, ribbons, tools, and better quilt cottons (read metallics).
My work table. On the wall behind is all some of my overdyed threads hanging up. Also a bucket o'heads, a pot lid rack to hold my rulers, a small drawer thing to hold my beading thread and odds and ends. My basket collection is on the top of the cabinets which are full of fabric and needlework supplies.
This wall is opposite the cabinets. The large table is an antique from an architect firm that used to be in Red Bank, NJ. The area by the sliding doors in the right of the pic is where I take all my pics set on a dresser with more fabric. More bins with fabrics and laces. The TV is on a table infront of book shelves.
Ribbon storage racks for ribbons not used in embroidery and another view of my bucket o'heads.
Sewing machine corner with thread racks and more ribbon racks. I used to have an area rug in here, but it was a pin and thread collector so I took it out. You can see how the floor color changed probably from the sun--the room has 4 large skylights.
I am also getting ready for the class Marilyn is going to teach and a class with Patti Culea in June--that's why my table is cluttered. Since my cleaning is 99.9% done, I decided it was time to treat myself so I tried some experimenting. Below is a face made from the pattern for Patti's class. I decided to try a cloth over cloth so you don't see the center seam. Not sure if I used the correct glue (Sobo) because now the color sits on top of the fabric. Also, I had a problem with pleating around the outside edges so I just cut the fabric off at the original seam that runs around the head. I used a non-stretch cotton and placed it on the bias down the center of the face. I do like how it came out though you can still see the seam on the forehead but that will be covered by hair probably as will the edges. Now I need to make another head for class--just sewed and stuffed.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day Gift

Last night I had the most wonderful surprise. A bouquet of beautiful roses from my stepson. I love all the colors--yellow, white, and shades of red. I tend to save everything my stepsons give me--or try to so I may dry these when they open a little more. One of the bouquets of pink sweetheart roses he gave me I dried in the microwave (between paper towels on low-medium power 30 seconds at a time) and used on a doll I made in a Pam Gross class. I call her Rose Dryad.
Thank you Ed for being so thoughtful. I am very very lucky.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I"ve Been Tagged!!! 7 things about memememe

Allie tagged me for 7 things about me. After reading her list, I must admit we have something in common I never would have guessed.
1. I collect boxes from all my travels. I also collect Christmas ornaments from all the places I've been. I once used road maps on my Tree in lieu of garland. I thought it looked cool--my husband and step sons thought I lost it!
2. My earliest memories of time with my mother is being carried in her arms through the fabric department in Macy's NY when I was about 3 yrs old. She would feel the fabric and talk to me about it. I guess it stuck. She used to make all her clothes and mine when I was young, but she doesn't sew much anymore (she's 87 and her arthritis bothers her. I hope she is not reading this as she would be angry for telling her age!)
3. I am retired and loving it. Retirement is when you stop making a living and start making a life. Since I was so wrapped up in my job, all my friends thought I would loose it when I retired. Instead, I discovered making dolls. My favorite activities are attending doll club sharing with my dolling friends and making dolls. I have so much to learn and love the process.
4. I love doing just about anything that involves a needle, thread, and fabric.
5. I enjoy going out to breakfast with all of my female BFFs. We always have such a good time we end up with a few new people at our table.
6. I adore my husband and we both are so in love with our little dog Diamond who loves us back. Best thing we ever did was rescue her because she has rescued us.
7. I like to devour Chocolate, Ice Cream, and Harry Potter books and movies. Can hardly contain my impatience to read book 7.

Well, I am supposed to pass this on to 7 others, but I don't know 7 bloggers who haven't been tagged already.

Had been without a computer for awhile--I upgraded Windows and it didn't like my connection but all is well now. Back to cleaning my studio preparing for the upcoming class with Marilyn Halcomb I am hosting. She is a joy and I know we will have a great class--if I get the studio cleaned.

Thanks too for the lovely comments I have received about the bras, Crazy Quilt, and my dolls.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Art Bra and Quilt Gallery Exhibit

Yesterday my dear friend Jeannie and I went to Perkasie Pa to attend the opening reception of the Art Bra and Art Bra Ladies Quilt exhibit. This is the debut of the quilt and it is quite something to behold in person. People from as far as Istanbul and New Zealand, Canada, Washington State, Florida, Texas, etc contributed crazy quilt blocks. All the blocks had to have purple as the main color and hearts as the theme. The results are just breathtaking--so much to take in. The embellishments include clay heads, sequined lace butterflies, oyas from Turkey, crystals, beads, beautiful embroidery, threads and fibers, jewelry findings, lace, silk ribbon and more.

Exhibit sign:
Bras displayed with jewelry and other gallery items they inspired.

First, Barbara's Corner Bra by Barbara Blankenship, Texas wall hanging and other items by a local artist
Willa's Corner: Bra by Willa Fuller, exquisite jewelry by a local artist

Jules' Corner (the quilt was spectaular! It has a little crocheted dress in the lower right corner among other embellishments) Bras by Julie Yonge
Close-up of Peacock with beautiful necklace made by one of the gallery artists

Some of the bras (Stephanie's, and two of Victoria Adams Brown)

Bras by Anne Spenaccio and Julie Yonge

And the piece de resistance, Stephanie (me) and Victoria with the beautiful quilt.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Derby Day

In honor of Derby Day and the Queen and her hats, I thought I would post a pic of some dolls I made a few years ago. This is called "Derby Day" Meet Verda, Peaches and Gertie, southerns belles all decked out for the Derby. They are adapted from a pattern by Bunny Goode, Wilhemina Wallflower. I was practicing my eyes--using eyelids and setting in glass eyes. Verda is made from fantasy fabric, Peaches is Crazy Quilted, and Gertie just is Gertie. Hope your favorite wins the race.