Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Version Of One Kiss

One of the people who made this doll changed her pose to blowing a kiss. I just loved it and had to do one too. I thought I would make her a little more contemporary too. I had purchased this fabric quite awhile ago from Joanne's in the bargain bin and on sale of course. It is actually black flocked off white spark organza. While shopping for cotton/lycra for my doll club I found the face fabric. It is 100% cotton poplin from Anne Klein and it is fabulous to work with though a bit pricey at $14 yd! But it felt like silk and sewed like a dream. I thought too I may enter her in the 3D 2009 doll challenge but after I read the fine print, she is too big coming in at almost 22". Oh well! I left off the peplum and modified her shoes (being a "contemporary" woman she is wearing "Christian Louboutin" red sole shoes. I colored her face with chalks and pencils. I got that lovely black lace from The fabrics for her arms and legs were black and white that I dyed ecru to blend. I also had to dye the fabric for her bloomers (OK. She's not that contemporary!) and her satin underskirt. Her hair is tibetan Lamb skin that I styled with hair spray and rollers. I must admit too I was inspired by Michelle Obama's appearance on the view when she wore the black and white dress from White House Black Market.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thanks and a Thank You from one of my favorite shoppings spots

Thanks everyone for the kind words about my faces. After the last post I received a surprise from for mentioning them on my blog -a gift for me and my readers! How cool is that! This is from Tracy Jackson at
"... For your readers, I have a $5 off coupon for them to use. The coupon code is blognovas. This coupon is also valid for one week, from 2/19 to 2/26. There is no minimum purchase and the coupon is a one time only coupon.
Thank you "sew" much. Enjoy!"

In case you missed the link, it's

Thanks so much Tracy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Cloth over Head

First, thanks all for your wonderful comments on the doll and the new head. I figure if I recycle I can also replace (read shop!).

I have been working on a new class and just finished the head which again starts with a reject head. This head was one of 5 I made for my Hoffman Challenge doll, Ms. Peacock. The first head which I think was the best, was too small. Duh! This head had too short a nose and it was too turned up. Just wasn't happy with it. I am using polymer clay to build out the features. I wanted him to look old and sad/forlorn. Had trouble with the sketch, but I think the head came out OK. I'm including a process pic - half way in the sculpting process. I really like using the clay for a face like this - with exagerated features and deep creases. I find it easier to do than with just a fabric head including a stretchy fabric such as doe skin. I used a cotton/lycra blend slightly heavier than t-shirt knit. It is also a 4 way stretch fabric. I was foretunate to find this online at a clearance sale on and it came in this color. I haven't seen it since. The fabric I used on the previous cloth over head is another 4way stretch knit I found at a shop in Pennsylvania that buys out manufacturers and stores. It is applied wrong side out as the right side has a sprinkling of glitter on it. It also started life as white but since it was 95% cotton/5% lycra, it dyed great.
Well, that's 3 of those Ms. Peacock heads down, 1 to go. I used one on the final doll and gave it a cloth over with inset eyes. The too small head I will find a use for!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Doll and Sorta New Doll

I have been cleaning up my studio - now stop laughing! REALLY I have! and I found a headless doll that I was making as a Christmas gift. I didn't like the way the bust came out on this - too high I think and VERY zoftig but it doesn't look so bad now! I wound up using the original head on another doll where it fit much better. I was trying various heads on it from my bucket of heads and found one that actually works! It is the head I made for Patti Culea's class and then covered it with fabric as an experiment. The spool is actually a large pin cushion. Had some fun with her hair. I started by doing the drizzle stitch ending in a drop bead and decided it would take me a few years to cover the entire head so I needle felted some wonderful wool from Colleen into the head and then added the drizzle stitch strands. I like how this looks but probably should have used heavier thread (I used a #12 pearl cotton. #8 would have filled in better). Next time.

I also found a reject head that I had set aside to use for a practice cloth over. I drew a face then tried to interpret it in cloth. I think I like the expression on the cloth head better - more old wise than mischievious. Here is the sketch. Here is the reject head with the eyes ready for the plastic set in eyes. Here is the finished head. I used mostly chalks and chalk pastels to add color. Like how soft this looks. I think I will try doing cloth over clay over cloth next. Good practice and I certainly have enough reject heads to practice on.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A new Favorite Place to Shop

My friend Colleen (check out her blog in my links list) has an amazing Ebay store. Looking at the items she made with the products, I want to buy everything! You have GOT to see the crown she made and the tiny flowers. Unbelieveable they are clay!!!! Here is a link for her shop called OOAK ArtDoll MixedMedia Supply Shop I think you need a shorter name!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gift and Finished Needlework

Yesterday I had brunch and a bit of shopping with my friend Mary. I had helped her with her website and she felt compelled to give me a gift. The gift is better than any other payment possible - she makes the most amazing dolls and soft sculptures. It is the most astonishing upolstered wing chair ever! And I just LOVE the velvet floral fabric. I already have a picture in my mind of the doll that will sit in it. Isn't it just amazing? Check her etsy store - Dreamlit Dolls - as she is posting another one in Red velvet.

I also finished a canvas piece I started almost two years ago! My first canvas piece and probably my last. It is designed by Gay Ann Rogers and is one of her Mystery samplers. I think it is the one called Glittering Diamonds (I've missplaced the directions). She gives you options on the color choices, and how to complete each section so every sampler is different - my favorite part! I had originally picked out different colors and wanted to use colored canvas, but couldn't get any locally and was a little leary to dye it. Next time!

I also finished a Correspondence Course through the Embroiderer's Guild. I just fell in love with the piece and wanted to try my hand at it. I'm amazed I finished it! It is stumpwork and I had only done a small piece before. I am really pleased with how it came out. Now to send it in and have it critiqued by the teacher/designer, Luan Callery. Here is a link It is the piece called Summer Dream.
Thanks for the comments on my previous message. I'm glad so many of you enjoyed the pics. My little Diamond is such a charmer!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We got about 6" of snow yesterday. It sure does look pretty but has put a damper on my activities for today. I was going to meet my friend for brunch and shopping to spend some of my GCs. Oh well, as Scarlett said "Tomorrow is another day". My little darling doesn't like the snow as you can tell by her expression.

My yard looks like a fairy land. Here's a pic of my Show White and the dwarfs barely visable.

And a pic of the yard from my studio balcony. Lots of animal tracks. That's Yosemite Sam under the tree. These pics were taken about 7:30 this morning. The sky was really that blue!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Won!!!

A new fabric site is giving away free fabric via a drawing each week and I won! How exciting is that! The fabrics on the site are just exceptional and it was really hard to pic my favorite. You can visit the website at and see the fabric I chose on her blog

Can't wait to get it. I was thinking it would make an awesome purse!

Thanks so much to Chris for the opportunity and the fabric.