Thursday, November 12, 2015

Progress on Ghost of Autumn

I am making good progress on Ghost of Autumn.  Thought I found the perfect branch for a stand, but maybe not.  
 I did lots of freemotion leaves some  on tulle, some on shiffon for her clothes, hair and trim.  I created a fabric using die cut chiffon leaves and freemotion stitching for her underskirt, then attached leaves to it and also to her body to create a bodice.  Still can't sew the arms in place until I can finalize her pose.  She needs shoes.
 Her belt is made from twigs and twine.  This is the back side with the twine glued in place.  I wove it through the twigs but wanted to make sure it would stay together.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Ghost of Autumn

I am currently working on a new doll, Ghost of Autumn.  I took a reject head and did a clay/cloth over.  Then I made a body using the one I designed for A Style of her Own.  I made her I natural Southern bell.  I wanted pale leaves all over the body and head so I dyed tissue paper, cut out leaf shapes with my sizzix, stamped them with archival ink then glued them in place with matte medium. I used pencils, pens and pan pastels (a first but liking them for this application!) to color the face.  Now I am off to do some free motion leaves on sheer nylon, tulle, and wash away Solvy.  I should be back on a week!  LOL!