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Most Patterns on CD are also available as epatterns. CD and Paper Patterns can be purchased through DollMakers Journey and Designer Doll Patterns via  Epatterns are available through and Designer Doll Patterns,  DollMakers Journey 

A Style of Her Own
Latest Pattern released in April.  Includes directions for a stand-alone doll (with optional removeable base directions included) and a shelf sitter bead jointed doll.  All the costume variation pictured and some not are included.  Lots of shoe and hair variations.  Also included are cloth needle sculpted face/head directions and cloth over clay over cloth face/head directions.  70 + pages of directions and pattern sheets.  LOTS of pictures.
Available on CD and also as and ePattern

Don't Hate me Because I'm Beautiful!
Finally, I have finished this pattern!  It is one doll with two different nose face styles, costune modifications and poses.  She stands 18" tall and is fully armatured.  Pattern contains 40 pages of instructions with 80+ color pictures, 4 pages of pattern pieces.

Available on CD and also ePattern.

One Kiss is Not Enough
Printed, 25 pp

Details: Fully armatured 22” doll. Fully illustrated
directions includes two costume variations and a 2
page illustrated full color face coloring addendum.
Doll is based on the 2007 2nd place Hoffman
Challenge doll. Also includes directions for the frog.
Flirty Flora
CD. printed materials list
Flirty Flora is a fully armatures 16” doll with two
costume variations. Also included is a bonus
Steampunk version.
59 pages of Directions including 150+ color photos
3 pages of pattern pieces

Dances With Butterflies
 CD directions,Printed materials list
Details: 24” Dancing Fairy. Fully armatured. 60
pages of directions including Face sculpting and
coloring and lace dying and painting tutorial. Full
Color illustrations. Also includes an 18” version
that appeared in Doll Crafting and Costuming.
Year of the Witch
CD directions, printed materials list

16” Simple Rag Doll body with 5 costume
variations. Also includes the pattern for Barefoot
Valentines. Heads, hands, feet can be interchanged
for even more variations. Also includes costuming directions for a sweet girl variation.

 Ladies of the French Court
CD, printed materials list
Details: 19” Stump Doll. Costuming based on
famous portraits of Marie Antionette and Jeanne
Antionette, Madame LePompadour. Two body
styles, detailed costuming directions. Includes a
“ghostie” version with detailed fabric treatments to
achieve the ghost look.

Bees Knees
Printed Paper
Details: 23” Mixed Media includes directions for
the bees. Costuming uses a large silk flower. Feet
are small Terra Cotta flower pots filled with Plaster
of Paris. Includes complete directions and 4x6
color closeup of face.

Dream Girls
Printed paper
Details: 18’ Mixed Media doll with fabric head,
arms, upper body with a Paper Towel tube collaged
with tissue paper and painted highlights for the
lower body! Costuming is strips of sheer fabrics.

Lady Ragalia
Printed paper
Details: A 21” Simple rag doll with a pancake head
and body, painted shoes and elaborate three piece
costume. Includes separate 3 face coloring
addendum with colored illustrations

The Divas
CD, Printed Materials List
This pattern is for an 18” fully armatured doll.
There are 6 dress variations and three head styles:
Cloth, Cloth over clay over cloth with Messy Mix,
and an ethnic face.
80 Pages of directions including 150+ color photos
4 Pattern pages

The Men
$20.00 plus postage, CD
Pattern for a stand alone 22” fully armatured male doll with three costume variations, Santa, Wizard, and Steampunk Dude. His face is Cloth over Cloth technique with hand painted wooden bead set in eyes.
47 pages of direction including 100+ color photos
12 Pattern Pages

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