Saturday, August 19, 2017

Latest doll

I am participating in a Gallery show and sale in October.  I had a doll kicking around in my head and thought she would be perfect for the display.  I have finally finished her after tweaking her twice 0 once for her hair and second and finally for her face.  I kept looking at her and felt she really wasn't done.  She has a really wide ridiculous smile.  Finally it hit me - she looks like the sister from another mother of Alfred E. Newman!  So her final touches were freckles and a chipped front tooth.  NOW she is DONE!

Originally called "Bad Dog!", I got the idea from my Diva who has a large bear she likes to toss around.  We expect body parts to fall off it any moment she is so rough with it!  But so far so good.    Here is a closeup of her modified face.

I also decided to make new and different tags for my dolls.  I am making them based on my small books (a couple posts ago) with pics of the doll's face in a Cabochon on the front and the doll's story on an accordian fold pull out in lieu of pages in the book.

The show is at the Art of Toys, 1126 18th St, Sacramento, California.  Looking forward to the show though I won't be able to go .