Monday, March 31, 2008

Long Time No Blog

First So Many Thanks for the kind words about my Glitzy Purse and White cat, who advised me her name is Catiana and her pet mice are Nicholas and Alexandra. Both were fun to make and again I really appreciated the participation in chosing Catiana's garb.

I have been diligently working on The Memorial Tie Quilt project. The memorial is May 3rd, so I really need to get it done--or close to it as possible. I just finished embellishing and sewing together the 16 blocks for the main part of the quilt. Surprisingly--it came out even! Now I have to dye the lace to go around the color wheel, add items such as a Jack Daniel's label, Corvette Flags, etc that were some of Dino's favorite things to the background. I am going to put a tree in the center. He was a very avid gardener and loved the trees on his wooded lot. Debating whether to add sashing between the blocks and the border. The border will be done in strips of tie fabric alternating with solid colors of silk. Attendees at the memorial will be adding a word that describes Dino to them in the solid strips. Here is the quilt so far.

Hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Easter. I had my family and a friend for dinner. Diamond dressed in her Easter best! Didn't have time to make her a bonnet! We visited the Vet for a checkup--it has been 1 yr 2 months since we adopted her and I wanted to make sure she is healthy. The Vet said she is perfect! though at 8.8 lbs, she could stand to loose a little weight. He did say it was normal for them to gain over winter since they aren't as active. So now that the weather is nicer, we are taking longer walks.

And here is another pic of my Sweetie. I think she looks like she is smiling in this pic. A dear friend found this sweater at Old Navy. Very preppy and she loves it! I took it off her and was holding it in my hand and she was trying to get it! Go figure. I think it keeps her warm and it has been pretty chilly here especially at night.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finished Paisley Purse

Finished this today. The strap took FOREVER!!!! I used a product similar to the cord diva but found lots cheaper in the children's party department of The Rag Shop before it went out of business. I love the results, used 8 strands of 6 different fibers and 1 strand of 1" sheer metallic wired ribbon for strength. I had to do a length about 2 yards long. My estimate it took about 6 hours. I do like it, but I probably would have liked a twisted cord too and that would have taken about 15 minutes!

Thanks for the nice comments about this effort. Can't wait to use it and see the reactions!

Now I have to work on some samples for EGA Merchandising. Our Guild will be selling items at the Regional Seminar. The Scissors Fobs went over very well last year. This year we are planning Napkin Rings, a needle book/scissor case, more fobs, and this face pin if I can locate a bunch of the little crocheted hats.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Paisley Purse Progress

I haven't been doing much stitching lately--just getting over a bad cold. I've learned lots of vitamins, rest, hot showers, sweating, afternoon naps and hugs from my DH and Diamond Dog help the cold pass quickly--thank goodness!

Today a dear friend Mary came over and we took pics of her dolls for her portfolio and website to come. She is one of the most talented people I know and uses found objects better than anyone I know. She has had articles -3 I think - in ADQ. After she left I worked a but on my paisley purse and have it ready to be put together. Here are some pics of the finished fabric. I have to warn you--put on your anti-garish glasses because you will need them! The first pic is the purse preview with the proposed clasp which will have a fringe of metal coins. The second pic is the entire fabric.

About the clasp, I have been making molds with a two part molding putty I got at Michael's. First I did a heart charm, then a button, a piece of jewelry, some cabachons that I have been saving, a brass fan (the clasp), a piece of jewelry and a seahorse pin (still baking). I used the molds with Sculpy and then colored them with paints and pearl-ex powders. Love how they came out! Here's a pic of the item, the mold, and the results. I originally purchased molds from The Enchanted Gallery--Kimberly Crick's site. She has the most wonderful molds and they are so well done. Mine are workable but not as neat and nicely done. I can't wait to start applying them.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh My!

Oh My! What wonderful comments for my White Kitty who is still un-named. I really appreciate all of them--especially loved the comparison to Joan Collins! You all humble me.

I know I should be cleaning off my table, but I just had to unpack my Embellisher and read the manual--which is all of about 5 pages in large print. Then one thing led to another and before you know it, I was working away. Last night I took a piece of collage fabric I did in teals when Colleen, Evelyn, and Tery were here for the weekend. Inspired by Colleen, I did lots of bobbin work paisleys. This morning I added fibers, fabric centers, and leaves cut on the Big Kick. These leaves were cut from "experiments": Painted and fused web and fiber fusion most with angelina. What I learned is the painted fused web eventhough it was fused to a sheer fabric, didn't stick unless it had angelina or other fibers in it also and boy does the applied fabric and fibers shrink up! I also wished this machine stopped in the needle up position. But other than that--lots of fun! Now to add beads and sequins. I'm adding pics of all the fabrics,(mine is on top, Colleen's in the center, Tery's on the bottom, and Evelyn's is the purse which she is going to hand embellish and bead) a close-up of Colleens, and my paisleys.

Monday, March 3, 2008

She's Done! Finally!

Thanks again to everyone who voted. Periwinkle and Blue were 1 vote apart with blue the winner, Red and Dark Golds were tied 1 vote behind the leaders, and the light gold was last. As you can see, I went with the Blues. The bodice fabric was gifted to me by a lovely lady who brought it back from Russia! I spent a whole day beading the trim on her bodice. The piece of prebeaded trim I had was 6" short. The netting on her hat was also a gift from a dear Doll Club member who received a bag of vintage trims from a customer (she shared them with the club). I used a heavier wire for her whiskers which I may change to a finer wire. Couldn't find my silver 32g wire.
Also attended a quilt show this weekend and purchased an Embellisher. I am itching to play with it and after I clean off my work table, I think I will! I took lots of pics of the Hoffman dolls and will post them once I get them edited. The winning doll was there and she was just amazing! The detail was phenominal--certaily doesn't show up in the photos.