Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Elven Flora is Done

 Elf Flora Done.  I gave her false eyelashes because I wasn't happy with her too wide open eyes and the green lashes just didn't stand out enough.

Progress on new Elf Flora

The Stitch-a-long with Flirty Flora is still ongoing on Facebook.  I am amazed at all the variety and overjoyed at how many are personalizing the pattern.  I made another Flora, this time with the petal skirt.  I wanted to start with plain fabrics and dyed them to suit.  I dyed the fabrics for the skirt layers then used Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels to add details. These started out as white fabrics.  Love how they turned out.  The green with the gold glitter directly behind the pink on the top also started life as a white fabric with the gold leaves.  I dyed it a light green.  I also dyed the fabric for her body a pale green and her hair.  I used ready made fabric for her shoes but altered it with matte medium, crackle paint and rubs.  I also used the green tulle for her underskirt from the bolt.  Her had is also hand dyed fabrics.  Here are prelim pics.

For her bodice and hat, I stitched petals on fabric.  For her hat, I used purple and pink fabrics, for her bodice i used a green batik and outlined the leaves in zigzag before cutting them out and adding glitter glue highlights.  I made 40 of them!  Locks of her hair drying, Pic of her with ears and her hat, and her shoes.

Finished pic later.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Flirty Flora debating who to throw that snow ball at!and great mail day!

First the mail.  I'm a cover girl!!!  How exciting!
This started as a class at the Artsy Soul, but we had to keep canceling so I submitted the pattern to SD&A and they published it.

I also finished the Flirty Flora for the stitch along which officially started yesterday.  Fabric choices are being shared and I haven't seen one I didn't want to do!  I am pleased with her though I think her skirt is too long so I already trimmed over an inch on her bottom slip but didn't take a new pic yet.