Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Ornie and Card

OK. I am sure you are getting tired of seeing these by now, but I just had to try a mermaid! I used the same pattern just modified the lower body. Again, all scraps.

I also made this card for my nephew who got engaged quite a while ago actually though we haven't seen them. I like to give gifts in person and we will be seeing them at Christmas. For the background, I used Tim Holts's technique on his Tag #2 of his 2009 Holiday Tags. He is so creative to say the least! To see his stuff (all amazing) visit his blog

Monday, December 14, 2009

Another Ornie and a free pattern

Big thanks to all who posted such nice things about my ornaments.
I have finished another and also posted the pattern on my website. It is my gift to you since I can't make each of you an ornament! The instructions are very basic. The face on the pattern is actual size. Feel free to reproduce it but please give me credit. Please also do not use the pattern for other than personal use. Enjoy and share any you make. I would love to see them! My site is

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Angel Ornaments

These little angels are like peanut butter cups - you can't eat just one (or at least I can't)! I have made 5 more for a total of 6 and all are spoken for- none for me! I see to be working in pairs. I did another with overdyed lace. This one is trimmed in sheer flowers around the skirt bottom though they are VERY subtle.

The next two I started with ecru silk matlesse then started layering different neutral colored laces - many vintage. Love how these came out. Only sparkle is some gold in the wings and halo.

The last two are Crazy Patched. They are embellished with various trims, sequins and beads. I used fun fur yarn for the hair and it is a bit wild. Think I like the curly hair better.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting ready for the Holidays

First, thanks for all the wonderful comments about my paper purse and box and all the well wishes. I am feeling better every day and have been getting back into creating - working on Christmas items. I need an ornie for a swap and a hostess gift among other things so I thought these would be small items to start on. The first ornie started life as a clear glass ball. I saw this originally on Carol Duvall and always wanted to try it. The inside is coated with glue, then sprinkled with mica powders. Once this is dry (and this takes at least 24 hours! Ask me how I know!) I added white pearl paint to fill in the blank areas. Once that was dry (another 24 hours) then I did a bead netted cover.

The second ornie is a Victorian Angel using left over lace pieces from the purse and box. I also entered her in the Michael's contest so I would love it if you would vote for her by rating her. the link is I am making a few more of these. The face is from a pic I did of the Madeline Ragalia doll with a few modifications. I am finishing up another one and want to do the next in paper.

I also bought a new toy on Black friday. Joann's had the Cricut Personal cutter on sale for a great price. My friend has had one for quite awhile and I love what she was doing with hers so I figured I had to have one. I really wanted the one by Xyron that you can create your own designs with but it is about $300-400 - a bit out of my range. However, I have learned there is software made for this machine for about $75 that allows you to connect via USB to your computer and create your own designs. How cool is that!!!! Can't wait to get the software. Of course I started to experiment and decided to try my hand at making my Christmas cards. I really wanted a snowflake, but didn't like the ones on the Cartridges my friend loaned me but did like the wreath, christmas tree, and dove so made my cards - lots of them. The pic is a sampling: the snowflakes are cut from a Sizzix cartridge and the gold tree is hand cut from the scraps of the green paper then spray painted. I love the embossing folders too - mainly use the Cuttlebug ones. Lots of glitter and mica powders to add color.Can't wait to send them out.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Doll Club Library Display

Our club has been working on a display for the library where we meet as a thank you for allowing us to use one of their rooms for our meetings. All the dolls were delivered and the window set up at the October meeting (which I missed due to my surgery). They did a wonderful job setting up the display with the library. Here are some pics. Here are Maria, Margaret, Jane and Mary infront of the window.

Margaret did two dolls - Amelia Bedelia and The QuiltMaker's Gift. The next doll is by Diane and illustrates the book Alice Grace (I think. ) These dolls are right on depicting the characters. Just amazing!
Mary's The Dragon Rider. A must see! She created her own dragon! My doll illustrating The Secret Garden is partially behind the dragon and the last is Maria's Little Mermaid. These dolls are complete sculpts in clay and are of the little mermaid and her grandmother. Just stunning! What a wonderful display. Can't wait to see it again. My husband and I stopped in for a few minutes after one of my Dr appointments but couldn't stay. Friday is doll club and I intend to take LOTS of pics!

Working With Paper

Before my surgery, I started a project using a technique from the June/July 2009 issue of Quilting Arts. Jill Kennedy described her process for creating an embellished and embroidered patchwork paper collage from construction paper, crayons, inks, iron on interfacing and Wonder-Under. she also created embellishments using a sewing machine. I just loved her finished pieces so had to try a few myself. I created the background, started embroidering and planning and sort of hit a wall. Then my friend Colleen gave me Stitch with the Embroiders' Guild June/July 2009 (this is the magazine from the UK) and on the cover was a lovely piece that used collage fabric for the background and had lots of dyed lace and freemotion embroidery. I have sooooo much dyed lace, I thought the paper fabric would make a great background for a purse. I don't know how sturdy it is, but I really love the way it turned out. Embellishments include dyed lace, sequins, machine made lace and flowers, beads, charms, and a dragonfly pin. the top edge and handle were made from pony beads threaded with tulle with thread scraps stuffing. I also added ribbon to the strap to give it strength. I just love it. Infact, I loved it so much, I made some more background "fabric" in green and constructed a "Casket". It is embellished with lace, sequins and beads. It is lined with hand painted and dyed fabric that I treated with Paverpol to stiffen it and give it body. The "handle" on top is also stiffened with Paverpol. All the lace was hand-dyed and guilded. Much of it was vintage - like the pink tatting on the front. The background fabric was machine embellished with lots of bobbin work. the hinge holding the top on is made with beads.

I loved making the background so much, I have started some that will look like metal - hopefully! - when it is completed. I think I will be using it for a mosaic type collage quilt.

Life intervenes

I haven't been making dolls lately - or doing much of anything for that matter. I went for outpatient surgery on October 15th. The surgery was pretty routine and should have taken a little over an hour but I am anything but "routine" and it turned out to take over 4! I certainly disrupted the operating schedule that day! I did go home and after a few setbacks - like an infection - I am on the road to recovery. My surgeon told me it would take months for all to heal but I can drive and have started doing some needlework so all is well.

Some Doll Club members came to visit and brought lunch. They also brought a beautiful Journal that they made. The task was organized by Maria who also did all the planning and distribution of materials. I am still in awe of the beautiful artwork each one of these ladies did. I will treasure this gift always. Here is a pic of all of us with the journal, Dance of the Dolls. LtR: Maria, Mary, Me, Jane and Margaret. Maria did a page as well as the covers. Such talent! And I know how busy she is with her family so it makes it even more special. Here are the pages: First are the front and back covers, then Maria's page, Margaret's Page, Jane's Page, and Mary's page.

ArtBra Calendar Event

October 2, 2009 was the opening of the ArtBra and Quilts exhibit at Byer's Choice. It was wonderful to see all the bras and quilts in one place displayed in such a lovely venue. Here is a pic of the designers signing calendars. Left to right, Laurel Mazziotti, Julie Yonge, me, Barbara Blackenship, Leonie Hartley-Hoover, Brenda Wilson, and our leader and organizer, Little Miss Dynomite herself, Victoria Adams Brown. It was a joy to be with such wonderful caring, giving and talented women. I am sorry it was such a short time! To see more pics, please visit Julie's blog, Barbara's blog and the ArtBra site. And while you are on the ArtBra site, please order a calendar or two - they are currently on sale and would make great Christmas Gifts for all the ladies you know. If you would like to submit an ArtBra for next year's (2011) Calendar, access the 2011 Calendar Submissions page.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art Bra Events

Here is the cover of the ArtBra Calendar, stunning photography by Rosemary Carroll. The beautiful Bra was created by Barbara Blankenship with silk ribbon Roses and grape bunches. She even crocheted the fabric to cover the bra from sik ribbon!
To see this beautiful bra in person as well as all the ones and the crazy quilts in the calendar at Byer's Choice. Grand inveiling is Friday, night, October 2 at a gala and then they will be on display for the month of October. Most of the designers will be there Friday night to sign calendars too. We will also be at Byer's Saturday, October 3 from 10 am -12 noon, at the Mitchener Museum in Doylestown Saturday October 3 afternoon from 1pm - 3 pm and then back to Byers on Sunday, October 4 1-3 in the afternoon. Please stop by and purchase a calendar. The foundation, Way to Women's Wellness, will be donating a portion of the net proceeds from sales of the 2010 WTWW ArtBra calendar to the Fox Chase Women's Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA to support the mammography mobile van program and to Lehigh Valley Breast Health Center in Allentown, Pa to support Survivor Services. Can't meet us in Pa, visit the Art Bra site to purchase a calendar or two or three!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Are Going to Print!!!!

Just found out today the 2010 Art Bra calendar will be going to print. We should have hard copies by the beginning of October in time for the Byer's Choice and Fox Chase Cancer Center events. I am soooo excited!!! Interested in seeing more and maybe ordering a calendar? Visit the Art Bra site! If you are in the eastern Pennsylvania area, see the display live at Byer's Choice. - they sell dolls you know! I have included a pic I took while the Hearts and Flowers bra was under construction. Each cup is covered with about 75 different size hearts made from gold fabric and edged with gold dimensional paint or glitter glue. There is about 200 yds of ribbon and over 150 small ribbon hearts. the ribbon and flowers were lightly gilded with gold spray paint. The bra started out Hot Pink! Of course the pics in the calendar are much better! I also did one that is all beaded and named "Heavenly Bodies". You can see more pics of the bras and quilts at our flickr site too.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Baby Gifts

Two good friends recently became grandmothers (WOW are we that old!!) to little girls. Of course I am compelled to make them dolls-a little late since one of the babies is almost 2! So here are the little friends I made using my Ragalia pattern. I also made chairs for them to sit in - just to make sure they have a good home. The first one is Cora and she is 1/4 chinese. She inherited more of the Irish (her mother is fair and red haired). I made two outfits for her. One stores in her chair which started out life as a wooden box. The Kimono was in my gift package from Kate Erbach and I made the pants to match. I also took the heels off her shoes so she can wear little black slippers. Second is Madeline. She is very victorian. Her parents are very into history and actually live in a house built in the 1700s! Her chair is an upolstered "slipper chair". Both chairs have a crackle finish.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ms. Peacock makes it home!

Today I received Ms. Peacock, my 2008 Hoffman Challenge doll, home. She is really in pretty good shape - her hair, feather and flowers are a bit flattened but all her beading held up as did the boa. The large flower pot behind her became unscrewed even though it was held in with a 3/4" screw. If I do this again, I'll add some glue in the hole and on the bottom of the pot. She was also a bit crooked but there was a number tag pinned to the bottom. Once I removed that, she stood up pretty straight. I fixed the pot by just rescrewing it back in!

I also received my prize package from Sulky this week. What a bunch of fun things to play with. All the threads are beautiful and one of my favorite things is a rhinestone "I Love Sulky" pin!

I have also been meaning to share a pic of the spectacular prize package I received for Penny Bowles in the Penny Doll challenge. The package was put together by Kate Erback and she was so very generous. I love everythink in it and have started using some of the items. I think that cute little kimono will fit my Lady Ragalia. I have one made and will have to try it on. Thanks so much Kate!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

After Doll Club

When I got home from Doll Club on Friday, I had lots of creative energy and after finishing my Pink Fairy Queen, I worked on some gifts. I made some clay cabachons for a class for my EGA guild. Another member is going to teach the beaded butterflies (and shells too) and I had done some for gifts so thought I would include them all in one pic. I just love doing these! Basic directions for the butterfly pins can be found in an article I wrote for CQMAG on line here for the basic beading and here for making the pins. I have changed the directions a bit though, I glue the entire back of the piece after beading and before cutting off the excess fabric. This keeps the beads in place for the most part if you happen to cut a thread. Also, sew the pin back to the felt before attaching it to the back to finish the pin. For the beaded cabachons, here are directions using clay faces. Once you have the beads around the face in place, the possibilities are endless! Apply the same changes as for the beaded butterflies. The one shown in the pic here are just different size loops layered around. This can also give the impression of flower petals if using just seed beads.
I also updated my website with more pics of my Hoffman Challenge doll.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

August Doll Club

This month I thought we could use a break from working on our story book dolls so I put together a little fun project of making a paper doll ala Barbara Willis but using Venus from Botticelli's painting. I had to make a few changes in photoshop, but it was fun dressing and posing her. I made a sample for the meeting dressed in Victorian style. At the meeting I made mine a pink fairy queen. We didn't finish, but here are the ladies with their works in progress. First is Mary with her Project Runway Model in off the shoulder elegance. Next is Diane I who's elegant lady is dressed in silk and lace. Diane K's is in period dress. Jane's is modern hippie chic complete with a sort of marble tie die skirt. Maria doll sports a queenly back piece. Margaret's lovely lady is ready for an evening soiree.
I also had to include a picture of Diane K's wonderful clown. I just love the colors and her perfect hands and feet. She is from my pattern that was in SDA. In front of her is a small beautifully beaded doll that was her name pin at Day With Dolls.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hoffman Challenge and other events

Congrats to all the winners of the Hoffman Challenge. To see the winning dolls click here. Can't wait to see the dolls when they start touring! Though I didn't place in the Hoffman part, my doll did come in third in the Sulky part of the challenge. I feel great about this as I was really competing against all the entries that checked they used Sulky products in their entry.
I have been diligently working on a project that will raise money for Breast Cancer research. Those of us affiliated with Victoria Adams Brown's original ARTBRA EXHIBIT are going to be involved in a few upcoming events involving new Art Bras! Byers' Choice , a manufacturer of wonderful dolls, will host a fundraiser in the month of October. If you access their site, you can see a rendition of my "Hot Flash" on the manikin. There will also be a 2010 ArtBra calendar.I'll keep you posted when and where the calendars will be going on sale. They will not only feature bras, but also the crazy quilts we created and donated to Breast Cancer Treatment Centers. On Friday, October 2, there will be a Gala and Art Bra Exhibit opening at Byer's Choice in Chalfont, Pa. Please stop in and say hi!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More about my Challenge Doll

I mentioned It seemed I did everything twice on this doll and that includes the sketches. For some reason when I was getting ready to dress the doll, I wasn't happy with the original sketch and did another one. The final doll was a combination of the two. Thought you would enjoy seeing them.
Did I mention her hair is tibetan lamb that started out white? I dyed it green - twice! The skin itself got very green but the hair got sort of a buff color. Go figure!