Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finishing up new pattern

But first it is a class! This is another version of the new pattern which will include the Sun Queen, the White Witch, Bella and The Red Queen. All the same doll, different variations on the costumes all using the SAME pattern pieces. This one is the same as the White Witch just in shades of black and night colors. She is Good Ghoul Gone Bad (have had that idea in my head for years! Original sketch which is very different was done in 2009). Not quite done- she needs a bat or two or maybe a few spiders. Still need a name for the pattern. Working title The Queens

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last face - Cloth over Clay over cloth with Messy Mix

I know!  Lot of layers.   This is as close to making a clay face as I get! LOL  Also for the Pattern.  Now to finish one of the dolls - either a fairy version or a Goth Witch.  Decisions Decisions! Think I need to trim those eyelashes more.  Took 50+ pics of each face as I was sculpting and coloring.  Think I'll make mosaics of each head and each step since the coloring is pretty much all the same.  She definetly has attitude. 

Working on New Pattern

I will be teaching a class in Michigan in May ( ) and am working on finishing the pattern.  I find that the pics I took during the initial design process are never enough and wind up making another doll or two.  I wanted also to have a incomplete doll with me so I can use her for demo purposes.  I will be teaching a cloth over clay over cloth head with messy mix finish so had to make at least one of them too.  So here are the heads in process.  The first one, flesh toned, is from Soughern Belle, the other two, white, are from Pimatex PFD (prepared for dying) which is washed and preshrunk.  Amazing how much stretch is in the unwashed fabric!  I may have to include a resized head if using preshrunk fabric!

The two uncolored heads are for a new witch.  One of them is going to be for the clay over.  Can you guess which on?

Here are two heads done.  The flesh colored one and the new witch one.
Now to finish the last one.  Just applied the messy mix and waiting for it to dry, then a little sanding with brown paper and adding color.  I am really not the best with clay, but So far, so good!  Like anything else, it takes practice and I haven't made a new sculpted head in months!  Yikes!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Verna - Bead Joint Doll Class At the Artsy Soul

A few weeks ago, I taught this doll to a wonderful group of ladies.  We all had fun with the doll and the ladies were all very creative in their costuming.  I premade all the body parts and the ladies added the shoes, strung them, stitched the fingers, added hair and drew and colored the faces.  I was making a doll along with them for demo purposes but also because I needed a little something for a gift.  I decided to make a few "alterations" to Verna and with the aid of Distress stain and ink here is the result.  Her necklace is a small ring of skulls - how cool is that!!!! from the Artsy Soul .

Here are the  Altered version and the original Verna,  and some close ups of her face and necklace.
Believe it or not, her body fabrics are the same.  Amazing what a little black ink will do.  I also blacked the back of the confetti dot fabric on her underskirt.  It was originally red, like the dots!  I painted the beads and caps with Ranger Black metal patina.  Don't you love the little clay bows on her shoes?  Colleen was kind enough to mold them for us from one of the molds she sells.  So Cute! Her Fascinator is a large bead cap with tulle threaded through and feathers and a gem added.  Her hair is two layers of wool, first is black llama the second is dyed sheeps wool.  I just LOVE those skulls!!!!