Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Early Halloween - Excuse me while I put on my face

Cloth Doll Artistry is having a Halloween Blog Hop. It actually started yesterday, but I wanted to post something "new". In the newest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, Michael DeMenge decontructed dolls and skeletons and made quite an interesting doll so I thought, after a trip to the dollar store, I would play too. I bought a Barbie look alike, some rubber creepy crawleys and a bag of skulls - the vase I had. There is a rat in the bottom of the vase though it is hard to see. I think she needs a pet crow or two or maybe a bat. I also bought a full skeleton and have an idea for that!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pink and her new do

The other hairstyle was OK. But she is going to the Ballet so I just had to step it up a notch. Today they will be packed so I can ship them tomorrow. Here are finished pics front and back.

I also updated my etsy site with some dolls for sale. I will be posting more in a few days too.

I also want to thank everyone who has been on this creative journey with me. I am sad to see it end, but happy to send them off to their new home where I know they will be appreciated.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finally - Pink has Hair!

Here she is, done. I may change her hairdo though. She started with pig-tails but I wasn't sure I liked them. Not sure I like it tied back either. Hmm. I'm up for suggestions.
I was also fortunate to attend the 5th Annual Day With Doll. I put the pics I took of the display dolls on my website Wonderful eyecandy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Blues are done

Dark blue's apron is made from vintage embroidered batiste fabric. I think I will shorten it - need more of the dress showing especially the pretty daisy scallop lace around the bottom.

Light blue has an apron made to coordinate by incorporating a band of the check. I first tried the bow trim but it was too much. The apron fabric has hearts in the print so I think the venice lace hearts go well.
Now to Pink some hair!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two more Done

Thanks to all who have commented on the progress of these girls. It is much appreciated. This is the first pattern (Lady Ragalia) I designed about 4 years ago but I still love making it.

Yesterday I finished Lavendar and Green. Pink is still waiting for hair and the Blues will get aprons today. I spent half the day with my darling grandson. He is such a sweet baby - laughing and cooing and singing to himself. He is getting big - 15 lbs at 3mo!- I'm going to have to start lifting weights!

First little lady is Green. I have had the green eyelet fabric used for her apron for at least 20 years! It must have been end of bolt because the last few inches are not embroidered. Unfortunately, it was only 18" and when I made the apron, it wasn't full enough so I took it apart and added an under piece of sheer embroidered organza. I added a scallop edge in a variegated green/pink/white thread and think it looks very sweet. I also gave her a new hairstyle-much improved!

Next is Lavendar. I love the paisley of her dress. I have already cut out the blue aprons and picked out the trims. Pink's hair will just have to wait!

Friday, August 13, 2010

New Pattern

Last Saturday, through DollMakersJourney.com, at Day With Dolls in New York, I introduced my newest pattern, Year of the Witches. It is on CD and also includes the pattern for Barefoot Valentines. The bodies for both dolls are the same, but the heads (flat Face and Profile/needlesculpted), feet (barefeet and shoes), and hands (articulated Mitt and separate fingers) are interchangeable. The possibilities are endless for this 16" rag style doll. The 24 pages of directions include detailed instructions for coloring and sculpting the face and creating all 5 different costumes and hats. The CD sells for $20 and is available through Dollmakers Journey at the above link. I will also be selling the Witches only pattern as an E-Pattern for $15. If you would like to purchase the E-Pattern, click on the Buy Now Button to the left. Once I receive payment, I will email you the 5 pages of pattern pieces, the 24 page PDF instruction document and a separate Materials List to take with you when shopping.

One doll done!

I finished Apricot today. I also made the aprons for Pink and Green but both are having hair issues. So, here she is . The printed ribbon on her apron is vintage - and the perfect colors. I dyed the ribbon for her apron and the lace on her sleeves, bloomer leg bottoms and peeking out of her dress. I also dyed the trim on her shoes. I also dyed the fabric for her legs. It started out as pink but I love that floral ticking stripe. Very victorian.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I just have the dress for Lavendar to do - I am waiting for some lace I dyed to dry. Here are pics of 4 of them in their dresses. Pink still doesn't have hair but it's coming. I decided I wasn't happy with Green's hair so I am revisiting it. Next is the finishing touch on their outfits- the aprons.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Hair and Bloomers too

I have all the hair done except for Pink. I wasn't totally happy with the "hair" so Iam holding off until I can find something better. However, I did finish Lavendar and blue. I also enhanced Apricot's hair a bit so it didn't look so flat. I am after all a Jersey girl. Here are the girls in their bloomers. I need to tack blue's bangs. Here is a pic of all the bloomers.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Amazing what a little Styling can do!

These little ladies have received their crowning glory and I think it actually changed their expressions! LOL 3 more left. Hope to get them done today.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

BIG News!

First, thanks to all for your kind comments on these dolls. Here is a pic of the last three heads, Pink, Blue and Green. Now to attach the heads to the bodies so I can coif them.

Now on to the BIG news - The Art Bra Calendar is being shipped! I had the opportunity to receive some yesterday and it is AWESOME!!! If you want to order one, go to http://www.artbra.org/ There will be an Art Bra exhibit at the American Sewing Guild National Conference in Atlanta, GA this weekend. Check here for info. Wish I could be there. It is always great to hear the comments. ArtBras will also be featured in a special exhibit at the Houston International Quilt show in November. Info here. Some of the ArtBra Ladies will be there signing calendars. If you are in the area, make sure you stop in and bring your calendar or buy one there!

Progress Report

I have stuffed all the heads and started doing faces. I can only do these in natural light because I have a problem with artificial light and color. I think I am so used to the natural light that floods my studio because of my skylights, I am spoiled. I have finished three faces, Lavendar, Apricot, and Sky. (yes. I named them based on the colors requested. I also talk to them but please don't tell anyone!) Off to the last three. Once the heads are done it is on to providing them with coifs. Then comes the hardest part - dressing them! The hard part is not the making of the clothes it's picking out the fabrics and embellishments!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Latest Project

I recently was contacted by the Brisbane City Youth Ballet to make dolls for their September performance of the NutCracker. Take a look at their website, their productions are stunning. I am truly honored I was asked to create dolls for this performance as their costuming and staging is impecable. Six of the dolls are Rag Dolls and considering the time line and the distance they have to travel, I started immediately. I am using my Ragalia pattern and have made no changes in the basic doll. I started with the arms to get the hands done first. Then I moved on to the lets. I had to dye some of the fabrics to blend with the color scheme because I just couldn't find the exact ones I wanted to fit the colorways they chose. Next of course was the shoes. First a coat of paint. Next the embellishments which are all sewed on - no glue here. I want to make sure they survive many performances.
I think they came out pretty cute. I used different trims on all of them and dyed some to match. Now that the arms and legs are done, they need to be attached to the body. So here they are, this is 4 days work so far. Today I am going to work on the heads and faces.


Thanks so much for the nice words about my Hoffman Challenge doll. I had a question from Judi W. about the sequins. Clear tinted AB sequins are clear but with a hint of color and with an irridescent finish so they really shimmer but blend at the same time. I used about 5 colors on the cape and zig-zag trim. I get almost all my sequins from Cartrights. I asked them if I could add a link to their site, http://www.ccartwright.com/ and they said yes and are offering my blog readers a 15% discount (use code novasblossoms) How cool is that! I also LOVE their flower sequins, circle, leaf, shell and matte finish. Hope you have fun shopping!