Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Crown for the Sun Queen

Went to the bead store today (Birds and the Beads, Morganville, NJ) to get some crystals and stuff to add to Sun queen and also look for something to make a new crown .  I thought I could find a Vintaj filagree lace metal piece and cut it apart.  Well, they just got in the new Ranger Metal Patinas so I had to buy a package to try.  I got some wonderful crystals and made her a new crown.  I think it looks like it is on fire!  The Patinas were wonderful to work with and they really covered the dark metal wonderfully,  I used Agate and Mustard (? too lazy to get up and read the label).  I also added a few crystals to her shoes and gave her eyelashes.  The necklace is a piece given to my by my dear friend Vickie ( and it is perfect!Still doesn't have rings.  Forgot to look so I have to dig in my stash but I am trying to clean the studio for a Tuesday mini fun face class.  If I work on nothing else the rest of today, tomorrow and Monday, I should have enough space cleared! LOL

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Sun Queen

I made another version of Forever Bella, changing the colors and fabrics a bit, but essentially the same doll.  I made her head piece with a mold and Ultra Think Embossing Powder.  Not sure if it is going to stay on her - looks a little Lion Kingish but it was a cool process.  I should call her the Stickles Queen because I think I used every color of yellow and orange on her!  Also Diamond which I have to admit is my favorite.  Ranger makes Stickles and I find it is quick drying and love the small applicator point.  I was able to get nice swirls on her legs.  Her arms and legs were printed fabric.   And only one face so I guess I shouldn't wait months between heads - Practice Practice Practice!  her fabrics started out as white, as did her hair.  I used Jacquard paint on the sheers as the glitter on them came off with alcohol ink!  Surprisingly, the glitter on the Bella fabric didn't.  Go Figure.  Her hair was colored with Ranger Distress stains which I also used on the trims.  So now, there are four dolls, The White Witch, Forever Bella, the Red Queen, and The Sun Queen made from the same pattern with just changes in the fabric choices/colors/embellishments.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Ipod cases

I have the pattern done so I made two more cases this time in fabric with lots of beading.  I also tucked the top flap in the case and secured with velcro.  I added a pin closure to the back.  The original made Chotski pin makes big holes.  The purple has twisted #3 bugles around the clear plastic opening - not a good idea but a learning experience.  It is beaded with Chech Bicones, flowers and #11 charlottes.  The copper which is my favorite so far is beaded with #13 real copper charlottes around the opening though they were very small and I had lots of trouble getting the needle (also a sizd 13!) through each bead twice.  The pearls are real, dyed.  the small round beads are Goldstone (I think that's what it is called - it is sort of rust colored and looks like it has glitter in it).  The border is #11 Copper beads and #8 Hex in an AB finish.  The flower and leaves are from Tim Holtz's Idealogy collection.  The leaves were colored with Copper Gilders Paste.  The flower was embossed with Ranger Copper Embossing powder then copper Stickles with a flower bead in the center.  I also hand blanket stitched with Krienik metallic #8 braid around the entire thing.  Waste of time - machine stitching would have worked just as well with all the beading.  Next one I am going to try a round opening.  Then I will put a few in my etsy shop.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

iPod Case

I decided I needed music in my studio.  I only have an old cassette deck with radio that used to be my son's before he outgrew it - I think we got it for him when he was 10 and he is in his 30's now!  At his suggestion I bought an iPod shuffle - figured 500 songs would do me for ever!  I have had it less 3 days and already have it almost half full!  I love that is so tiny - only 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" and the sound is awesome!  I felt though it needed a case so I could wear it like jewelry.  I can't wear it or any jewelry around my neck because of my repetitive motion injury and the results of my surgery so a pin would work.  I made the case from some fabric paper - for more info on the technique. The artist used construction paper and I had been experimenting and used chinese newsprint.  The paper was colored with Crayons and Shiva Paint sticks first with stencils, then Ranger Adirondack Ink sprays.  The paper is backed with Fusible lightweight interfacing and the front with Fusible web which gives it a shiny finish.  This is a prototype but the size is perfect.  I can tuck the earphones in it too.  The case actually measures 2" x 2" x 3/8".  It is on a Chatski pin and the charm is shrink plastic stamped with Tim Holtz hand stamp.  Next one will be fabric and beaded I think.  the iPod is in a small pocket with a clear plastic window. 
Off to make another Bella head though when I see the pic of them all together, they don't look so bad!  May reconsider one.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Obsessive Compulsive and still not done!

I learned something from making this doll - Make the doll first then the head!  I did two heads before I actually made the doll and one was too big (first one in the pic), one too small (last in the pic) and the fabric was pilling and generally misbehaving.  Then I modified the shape a bit but it still came out too large and this time with Pimatex (second in the pic).    Number 4 still not right - didn't like the eyes or the open mouth (4th in the pic) and again with the bad fabric - I never learn!.  Number 5 is now on the doll (it's show in the center of the pic above).  The Size is just a but too large (and so are her lips!), but I did more sculpting and if I am going to do that, I need to modify the head shape a bit around the chin.  This one is from new stock Southern Belle and it stuffed, colored and sculpted perfectly.   Soooooo.  She is going to live with this head until I play with the pattern a little more.  I thought I would share her 5 heads.  (I have been known to make more than 10 before I got one I liked! Have also only done one.  Go figure.)  Now I need to finish her jewelry. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Doll inspired by Twilight

Her name is Forever Bella.   I have been watching the movies and reading the books.  I am such a sucker for these tpes of movies - like the HP movies and books.  I wanted to try some new products to color the fabrics which all started life as white or pale grey except the blue lace on her jacket.  I used three colors of Ranger Alcolhol Inks.  They colored the fabrics perfectly and they dry very quickly.  I also used multiple colors of Ranger Stickles on her bodice and arms - also fast drying.  Her legs were colored with Perfect Pearls Mica powders and then she was given a pair of glitter tulle stockings.  I also used the inks on the trims.   Working on another version but not from Twilight.