Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One more card but not the last!

Inspired by Colleens tiny doll with the cowboy boots.  Sorry, no pic.
 Now the saying.

Wait for it

Monday, December 16, 2013

Hostess Gift

 We have some wonderful friends who host a Holiday party every year.  This year we arranged for a sitter for my MIL so we could go together and stay-I usually only stay an hour.  Well, the snow kept us home, but we did enjoy the Brown Bottoms and Chocolate cream pie I made.  I also always bring a handmade hostess gift.  This year it was to be this bird house ornament.  The number is their house number.  It is made from chipboard and paper, cut with a Sizzix die.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

more Cards and still more to go!

 Face is a digital image made from my tiny snow leopard doll.  made 12 of these.  Was trying a technique for the bachground using watercolor paper, dry embossing and gesso which I didn't put on thick enough.  But they came out ok.
 Snowman cards. Sizzix sie with embossing folder.  The tags in the had are mini ticket stamps from Red Lead.  53 done.  About 20 to go!

Finished Book now on Etsy

When I teach a class, I make a book or doll along with the students so I have one for demo purposes.  This is the Sketchbook Journal I made when I taught the class.  I usually leave the cover plain or with low embellishments because it is 5" x 7", small enough to fit in a purse.  I got carried away with this one.  The shrine is made from layers of chipboard, die cut, some dry embossed then colored with lots of products including Gilders Paste, Inca Gold, Acryllic metallic Paints.  The center of the shrine is paperclay as is the figure and the architectural elements.  The chain around the shrine is set in a niche I cut.  the cable around the center is actually twisted twine that was stained, painted, gilded then pressed in place - I left a small groove around the center.  The book cover itself if made from paper on canvas panels that form the base for the covers.  The spine is chipboard and linen.  I placed a piece of distressed leather over the spine, dry embossed and colored with all these wonderful products.  The part I love the most is the buckle clasp.  I formed a piece of 16g double hard stainless steel wire into a loop and covered it and 4 head pins with bronze apoxy sculpt.  I impressed with stamps, then enhanced with all those wonderful products.  The strap is from a heavy suede skirt, colored again with all sorts of things so it blended in.  It is now listed on Etsy in my shop, link on the left.  

Next Dozen

Was going to leave them white on white, but looked too bland.  Used some colored pieces left from last year.

Gelli plate games again!

was looking at the gelli plate blog   http://gelliarts.blogspot.com/ and came a cross two videos I had to try.  One involved making your own texture plate with canvas board and molding paste.  I really liked doing this but was a little disappointed with some of the results and found I needed to apply the paint very thin and not press the plate too hard for the impressions to be best.  I also wash my plates after and think I will seal them so they clean easier in the future.  Here are the plates and the results.
Plates using 5"x7" canvas boards.

Finished papers.
next was applying paint to the gelli plate, letting it dry, then pulling it up with packing tape.  I used clear glitter. Perfect pearls, glitter paste on the back side.  Now to figure out what to do with them.
The bottom has copper glitter paste and perfect learls powder.  I think that's my favorite.  Second has gold and micro pearl powders and rock candy glitter (used basting spray to apply glitter), third has gold precious metals paint and tarnished silver and dark purple mica powders.  I use both perfect pearls and pearled.  Found this worked best with perfect medium.  This was cheap tape and not that sticky.  I forgot what I used on the top one.