Monday, June 25, 2007

Dances with Butterflies in Doll Crafter & Costumer

Back in April I submitted pics of Dances with Butterflies for the gallery of Doll Crafter & Costumer. Instead, I was asked if I would like to do her as a pattern. I thought about it and decided to make a new doll 20% smaller than the original so the armature would be easier. I also modified her clothes a bit. Must admit, I think I like the new version better and this is the version that is in the magazine along with the complete pattern and instructions. Here are pics of the two side by side, original on the left. How exciting to see a doll in print! And the publisher did a great job. Love seeing the pics in color and the entire pattern plus the directions are the pull-out section.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

You REALLY didn't think I was done....

I should have said in the previous post I THINK I'm done. You know I still have to add more. I have finished her basket and given her wings. I really like the wings. I did them per the book but added Ultra Thick Embossing Powder in Gold to the roses to accent them. I really like how this came out. The wings are copper spark organdy on one side, gold metal silk on the other with a sheer orange/gold lame in the middle. Lots of sparkle!
Thanks again too for all the lovely things said about her. NOW I am going to start on my Hoffman Challenge doll--after I put all my beads away.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thank you Thank you Thank You

Thanks for all the kind comments on Solara. She is now done! I just can't put a doll aside to work on another--I have a compulsion to finish each doll. Now I can start on my Hoffman Challenge doll. Still have some design issues to work out, but I will have to figure them as I go.

Here is Solara in all her glory. I am really pleased with how she turned out. I wound up using a different piece of lace for her under skirt--I like the really sheer lace which has a much lighter feel.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Class with Patti Culea

This has been the most wonderful few weeks. First a truly wonderful class with Marilyn Halcomb, then our sucessful exhibit at the quilt show and to top it off getting to meet and take a class with Patti Medaris Culea. Her books have made me the doll maker I am today. Her Creative Cloth Faces book made the "light go on" for me and faces. We did Viviana which included dyeing lace, stamping the body, creating the face, making toes, lots of beaded flowers, playing with Art Foam, heat set crystals, etc, etc, etc. A jam packed two days.

Picture at the end of day 1. Faces completed and bodies stamped, lace dyed.

Picture at the end of day 2 which was spent beading.

Picture of Patti and her "show and tell"

Picture of my doll Solara at the end of class.

Solara's shoes and pedicure. I didn't finish them in class. Decided to do the little suns on her shoes in lieu of flowers. She has heat set crystals on her toes and fingers.

Solara's face.

We all learned so much. Thank you Patti for making the class so special. If you haven't met Patti, she is a darling and very petite with the talent, patience, kindness and energy of a giant! Thank you too to the ladies who took the class. We all melded into a wonderful caring sharing group. Special thanks to Linda who secured the hall where the class was held. Everything was perfect--the space, the light, the access to a kitchen, water, etc and it was FREE!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Doll Exhibit

Wednesday members of our doll group, the Garden State Doll Artisans, set up a display of our dolls and dolls from friends in the Sew Sew Doll club at the New Jersey Quilt show. The display is wonderful! The dolls are getting quite a bit of attention--we have such a talented and diverse group.

Not to brag or nothing, but in our previous Doll Club, The Joyzee Girlz, we started a club project based on my pattern, Lady Ragalia. After that club disbanded, some of us got together to complete the doll. The picture above are some of those dolls. Aren't they wonderful? The doll to the right is One Kiss is Not Enough completed by our newest GSDA member, Linda. She is just lovely and one of the show favorites. Way to go Linda!

Taking and Giving---Classes

Last week was our class with Marilyn Halcomb from Australia. We had a wonderful time and learned ALOT from a very talented dollmaker. We even got in a little bead shopping! We made Grandma's Flying Lesson (in my case, Grand Auntie's Flying Lesson). She has a skin over face which is a wonderful technique I wish I could do better. Unfortunately, I didn't pick the correct fabric which should have been a 2-way stretch--mine was a 1 way, so the body parts are a little skewed. The first head came out too big, the second head was OK, but not quite the right expression, but the third head is it even if it did take me 7 hours! Yikes! But the doll is done and ready to be gifted to my nephew & wife and new Baby Boy David Jeffrey.

End of Day One. Heads, bodys and most legs were done. Did I mention this doll is anatomically correct? She has a lovely bossom, rear and belly button! Mariyn sitting in the turquoise shirt is holding the class sample.
End of Day 2. Diamond was a big help!

Here is my doll before Arms and a bodice and completed with Jeffrey David.

Then, on Sunday I headed up to Connecticut with fellow doll maker Diane to teach a class on face painting using my favorites, Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels. They were a wonderful group of very talented ladies and all their faces were just great! Thanks for the opportunity.